I know of a PARADISE!

I know of a PARADISE.
I call it, THE EARTH.
A place full of BEAUTY
That can’t be compared.

The days here are sparkling
& the nights are filled with the diamond sky.
The place this wondrous 
Filled with lots of surprises.

The shimmering gold in the daylight
Make everything appear jewel-like.
The glistening diamond sky in the twilight
Illuminates this PARADISE.

The pleasant petrichor, 
an elixir for the spirits to thrive.
The greens here are magical,
The bloom, they bear, the spread far & wide.

The tiny droplets when trickles down the cliff
Together they form a sparkling & vibrant team.
They play, they dance, they babble & giggle on their endless trip.
This playful nature of theirs
Makes this paradise more enriching to live.

Creatures all big & small
Are already in love with her.
They greet & eat, & hold each other strong.
they share such a deep bond.
Listen closely to them
& you will hear a splendid song.

This place called PARADISE
Is welcoming & kind.
So, here I stand 
With open arms
(Can’t express how excited I am)
To embrace it with all my heart.

I know of a PARADISE.
I call it, THE EARTH.
A place full of BEAUTY
That can’t be compared.


Financial Literacy Lesson No-7

A Tale of the banking crisis.

Income pays expenses
Income buys assets.
Hence proved, it's not income but the act to use the income that decides our financial strength.
– Ms. Vinita. V. Pal

Would you believe if I say that the current trend of the banking crisis could be the result of the domino effect of the 2008 global financial crisis? If this sounds a little ambiguous, wait let me put this up in a timeline to make the trends appear more explanatory.

Information Credit: https://youtu.be/EpMLAQbSYAw

This timeline shows how the trends started in the year 2008 to contain the crisis snowballed into another major banking crisis after 14 years. Those trends were 1st- Quantitative Easing measures proposed by then FED Chairman- Ben Bernanke and second Aggressive buying back of bonds and stocks with the borrowed money of the Fed at low to no interest rates. The decades of quantitative easing make the market and financial institutes addictive as they were earning profits without having to pay interest rates on their aggressive buying. This behavior of negligence on the part of the financial system made the working class more vulnerable to inflation. The result of decades of QE and aggressive buying back of stocks and bonds by the financial system instead of putting the money for growth and development led to non-regulation of financial institutions including banks.

The outcome of the non-regulation of financial institutions began to show up in recent times when FED undertook the task of Quantitative tightening to bring inflation back to 2%. With the Quantitative tightening policy FED began to increase the interest rate as a result of this the banks who had borrowed the money at low and invested in Bonds hit harder as they had parked all their investment in the bonds and now with the rising interest rate their liquidity are dried up. Banks like Silicon Valley and Signature met the same fate. If I can put it in other words, Silicon Valley and Signature banks fall victim to the trends of Quantitative easing. Most of the financial systems that were enjoying the waves of quantitative easing high tide are now caught in it and are vulnerable to getting exposed. In the words of Warren Buffet, “ Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

If you are wondering, did I lose sight of our financial literacy lesson? No, I did not. The whole story at the beginning of the blog is very much related to our financial literacy lesson no 7- Income pays expenses, and Income buys assets, hence it’s proved, it’s not the income but the act of managing it decides our financial strength. The present banking crisis which is the result of the snowball effect of the 2008 global financial crisis loudly speaks about the importance of managing the income and if it is left unmanaged or unregulated then god forbid be prepared for another financial crisis.

Having read through the entire story of the crisis I have come to realize that financial literacy is a need of an hour. It is very important for you, me, and even the financial system as well.

Following are the lesson that I learned from these two crises:-

  1. Don’t become addicted to the trends in the market.
  2. Never take the advantage of the schemes or measures implemented to stabilize the economy.
  3. Always hedge the investments from unforeseen risk.
  4. Never indulge in the non-regulatory act as it is highly exposed to the crisis.
  5. Diversification of investment is a safe investment practice.
  6. Risk management is one of the fundamentals of achieving a strong financial system.

What about you? If you too have some lessons learned do share them with us.


Financial Literacy Lesson No- 6

Income and expenses are the outcomes of one’s assets and liabilities.

Vinita. Pal
Two bar graphs to show assets generate more income and liabilities increases expenses.

‘What goes around comes around,’ sounds more like philosophy, right? We all have heard a lot about it in relation to karma like do good to others and good will happen to you. Wait! from where does this philosophical theory crop up? are we not talking about financial literacy lessons? Yes, we are and the reason we are talking about it is, this philosophy just not limited to the social forums but has a deep impact on the economic and finance forum, allow me to explain.

Our Earth being spherical in shape, everything in here works in a loop so basically, every action of ours has an equal or opposite reaction, Newton’s law remember? I guess Newton must have also sensed this while devising his laws. Jokes apart, this is a fact of life and it is applicable to each and every factor of life, even our economy and finance. Even though I am still in the process of building a strong foundation of my financial literacy by constantly learning, I have managed to get a grasp of how the very core of finance. i.e income and expense are tied to this ideology so far.

Let’s see how;

First thing first, how is income different from expense? Income is that COMES IN and expense is that (ex-out, pense- to draw) draws out. Good, so far? Easy to understand? NO! Is “THAT” what is bothering you? it’s done intentionally to draw your attention to it, this “ THAT” is a metaphor for money in investment which is the crux of the whole income and expense in each one of our life.

Now, let’s see how this money in investment works on the philosophy of;’ What goes around comes around.” Income and expense are part and parcel of everyone’s life. It is these income and expense records that decide each one of our financial conditions, for eg: if our income is more than our expenses then it is a sign of good and stable financial conditions on the other hand if our expense is more than our income then it is a sign of unstable or tighten financial condition. I am sure none of us want to be in the second scenario, so what we can do to create a first-scenario-like situation? The answer is very simple to adopt the theory of What goes around comes around, Feed income (money in investment) and you will see more income generated out of it. The question is to whom we must feed the income that generates more income? The answer is very simple — assets. If we feed the income to assets, the same assets will generate more income for us on the other hand if we feed our expenses to liabilities, the same liabilities will draw our money out. It is this way, what goes around comes around. Hence, I always say, “Income and expenses are the outcomes of one’s assets and liabilities.”

Point to note:

It is easy to convert the expense into income, just switch from feeding the liability to assets.


Fundamentals of raising money- Book-1

Cover page of a book named- Fundamentals of raising  money- Book-1. The cover page is in Lime Green color, with a picture of stacks of money on it.

No money is the problem.

More money is the problem.

In both scenarios being equipped with #financialliteracy is the only solution.

At this time when the whole economy is in the bubble of recession as can be seen with the layoff policies adopted by most of the companies. Time is ticking by and predictions are going around that this bubble will burst anytime in the near future or maybe the process has already started.

Experts and investors are keeping an eye on the market health conditions so as to look for risk hedge investment options. I have heard from financial literacy advocates that in the time of burst, investments in learning can only prove to be a hedge against these unstable market situations because financial literacy unravels the hidden nuances of finance that have most probably been overlooked by most of us.

Real education starts after school because life is the ultimate teacher. Why bother about learning and schooling or per se investing in learning? Believe it or not, learning is our biggest asset. There is no freedom without knowledge and discipline. Fundamentals of raising money — Book-1 is a small contribution to this altruistic initiative of financial literacy. The only motive behind the existence of this book is to bring forth the importance of financial literacy and the need to equip oneself with financial literacy therefore we are happy to provide this book free of charge.


Who’s this book for?

This book is for someone who wants ;

  • To take charge of their finance.
  • To become financially independent.
  • To know the secret of investment.
  • To become confident with their investments.
  • To learn the magic of asset building.
  • To know the secret behind positive cash flow of income.

‘Take charge of the concerns that matter to you the most, like mental and physical health and of course finance’- this is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned from life so far. It feels so optimistic to see and hear that people have started taking the charge of mental and physical health in their own hands but somewhere we pay no heed to financial literacy and therefore most of the time it is taken for granted. Nevertheless, with an optimistic outlook, we still can make a difference by taking the first step of equipping ourselves with financial literacy. If you too want to start your journey on the path of financial literacy, why not, start from Fundamentals of raising money- Book-1 which covers the root level topics of finance and hence can prove to be a great start to your financial literacy journey.


I promise you are sure to take away an enriched financial learning experience.

Happy Reading!


Financial literacy lesson no-5

Your assets are your credit score, so acquire more of it.
– Vinita. Pal

Today I have a story to tell, it’s a story about an aspiring man who was thrilled by the ongoing entrepreneurial vogue and wanted to try his luck and hands in entrepreneurship. He had business ideas and plans in place, what was missing was the funds to put the plan into execution. With great zest and zeal, he approached the bank for capital investment. While talking with the manager of the bank his face turns pale and the zest and zeal were replaced by deep regret. You might ask what regret? the answer is the regret of not having a good credit score. With a heavy heart, he was seated on the garden bench it is when a wise man appeared in front of him. He asked for the reason for his disappointment. Having poured his heart out he felt light but could not understand whom he should approach to set things right. The wise man, being an entrepreneur himself could sense his pain and suggested he be financially literate as it is the only solution to his problem of ignorance.

The young man did as the wise men said and set on the journey of financial education. The wise man handed him a book with a wise disclaimer for him to remember.

Disclaimer: This book can answer only 5 questions so be wise with what you want to ask.

As the man held the book to read, he heard the voice “ Ask and you shall receive” Being startled he put the book aside and took some time to comprehend what he just experienced. After a while, he went near the book just to check if the happening a while ago was a reality or an illusion, and to his astonishment, he again heard the book speak again. With great courage, he took the book in his hand and heard the same voice,“ Ask and you shall receive .”

At this point curiosity gripped him and he opened the first page to ask his first question.

  1. What is a Credit Score? The book answered: The way your school and graduation report card reflect your academic progress and status likewise, a credit score is a three-digit number that reflects your financial status and progress.

“Gee! This is cool.” Said the man and proceed to ask the second question.

2. How Credit Score is calculated?

The book answered: Five factors are responsible for the calculation of your credit score. They are:

i) how disciplined you are with your credit card, EMI, and loan payment.

ii) Your CUR (Credit Utilization Ratio) is a percentage of credit limit utilization every month. It should be under 30%

iii) Your healthy loan portfolio.

iv) Frequent credit inquiries that are made by lenders each time you apply for multiple loans and credit cards.

v.) Duration of credit card holding, simple term the older your credit card the healthy credit score it guarantees.

Being surprised by a whole lot of information the man couldn’t believe his ears. The man said, “As astounding as this may appear, let’s see what information can this book gives me for my next question.”

3. Why credit score matters for one’s financial health?

The book answered: Credit score serves as a report card of one’s financial life. This report card is been asked for by the financial institutions in case you approach them for financial help. Financial institutions before lending you the money go through your credit score report card to know your story. yes, a credit score (a three-digit) number has the potential to reveal the story of one’s financial life. After knowing your story, they are able to assess your credibility and make informed decisions at the time of lending the money. In this way, your credit score becomes instrumental in providing you with financial assistance from the financial institutions at the time of your need.

4. How is credit score related to assets?

The book answered: Let’s say you want a loan to start your dream entrepreneurial vogue and you approached the bank for the same. The bank assesses your credit score report and found it is not up to the required range as a result of which you are not qualified for the loan and your dream entrepreneurial vogue has to wait for a few long years till the time you work up to improve your credit score.

Now let’s assume that a big industrialist approached the bank for a loan to invest in their upcoming project and the bank approves their loan without much assessment as they did for yours, now you may ask why? The simple answer is, the big industrialist has a number of assets that give away positive cash flow and the bank takes into consideration the assets of the industrialist along with the credit score report. The number of assets with positive cash flow takes care of the five factors for a good credit score and it is a good sign for the bank to consider their loan proposal and issue them the loan because banks are rested assured that they are going to recover their loan with interest with the cash flow from the assets.

so, a credit score is just an instrument where in financial institution assesses my credibility to pay back the lending amount on the time. If I start acquiring assets with positive cash flow those assets will also act as an instrument to show them my credibility and reliability to pay back the amount on time, Then in a true sense, my assets are my credit score.” the man uttered in bliss of joy.

The man left with the last question so he thought and thought with great seriousness. He realizes the benefits and importance of being financially literate now therefore he doesn’t want to make any mistakes. After deep sincere thinking, he came up with an intelligent question

5. What is the best resource for financial education?

The book answered: Ultimate Rich Dad library.

Like this, that man acquired the first asset that will help him generate infinite positive cash flow which in turn will give impetus to his upcoming many more entrepreneurial ventures by unlocking the door of ultimate financial literacy resource.

Like this man you too can be benefitted out of this link, therefore, don’t miss to check it out.

See you next time with yet another interesting financial literacy lesson till then Keep learning.

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Financial Literacy lesson no- 4

Money has a direct relation with the time period it is put in use. Hence the proverb, “Time is Money.”

— Vinita. V. Pal

Hello folks!

Here I am back again with yet another financial learning. I know this absence was quite long but this long absence was for a reason. Yes, the reason was the complexity of our new financial learning. By now you might have read the title of today’s lesson that we will be discussing, did you see the complexity in it? Do share about it in the comments below. I will be waiting for the same till then allow me to share my views on this. For me, Money has a direct relation with the given time period it is put in use. Hence the proverb, “Time is Money.” was like a jigsaw puzzle. It took me some time to sense the connection between money and time and also to understand in what way money is tied to time therefore this long absence. In those times of my absence I was educating myself on the line of this lesson and you know in this process I learned to connect dots and slowly and gradually started making sense. This learning helped me to join the pieces of my puzzle in the correct order and viola! after I finished joining the piece I saw the full picture showing me a clear view of the connection between money and time. Today I am here to share the same with you all because I feel confident about it and also want to share only the correct and authentic knowledge and not the unreliable one. So let’s get started:

The following are the elements that serve as a connection between time and money:

  1. Value of money
  2. Cash flow
  3. Demand & Supply.

Let’s dig into each element one by one:

  1. Value of Money tied to time: I won’t be technical over here because I want you all should get a sense of a shared relationship between time and the value of money. Let me start by giving example: Here is the news, an Ambassador car cost: Rs 16946, and Fiat1100D cost: Rs 15,946 also enjoy one night stay at the Taj hotel Mumbai for Rs- 6, will you believe it? of course not and at the present moment when the whole world economy is battling the recession and inflation this news seems almost sounds like salt on the wounds and might appear as a tissue of lies. This is not a lie my dear friends but a truth, a truth dated back of the year- 1972. Yes, it was in the year 1972 that these luxury cars were priced as mentioned above and now we all know their cost at the present date. Courtesy links. The question is very obvious now, what is that factor that brings about such a huge difference in the cost of the same automobiles and hospitality services? The answer is a very simple time. Time has brought about these huge differences. I believe by now you are able to see the ties between money and time. I know, this information is not new to you, you all must have had a sense of it what I tried doing here is to provide support to your previous knowledge with a lively and concrete instance so that you get into the habit of conscious realization of the value of money tied to time. And if you ask why it is important? To find out kindly check out my Financial literacy lesson no- 2.
  2. Cash flow: Cash flow is the heart of the global economy. Why heart? Because it is the flow of cash in the economy that tells us the health of the global economic market. Cash flow is a record that registers and highlights the flow of cash toward income, expenses, assets, and liabilities in a given period of time. This record of the flow of cash in a given time period helps an individual or a company to plan their future investments and to check their financial health. Once you have these records prepared you will see the variation in the value of cash flowing over a period of time. Cash flow is a whole new and interesting topic of discussion and I don’t think I will do justice to this topic by clubbing it with our present lesson, therefore, I assure you I will definitely cover this topic in one of my blogs later till then this topic has to wait. If you are someone very enthusiastic about finance and want to know about the cash flow I have a book recommendation, do check this out, I am sure this will prove to be a great help to you. Just to give you all a gist of cash flow, it is a deciding factor of our financial health, and investment planning and also helps us in our financial planning.
  3. Demand & Supply: If cash flow is the heart of our economy then the concept of demand and supply are the lungs, Agree? The advent of globalization was the gateway for the concept of demand and supply and with that many benefits and opportunities also flew in. Everything was functioning well and was good since the coming of globalization but in the year 2008 global economy collapsed due to the great recession. Recession in one its simplest sense means printing and the flow of excess cash flow this leads to a rise in price and demand drops this means supply is more than demand as a result of which the consumers’ purchasing power is curtailed. For eg: The purchasing power of a denomination will not be the same a year from now or so on. The situation is the same at present, we are again in recession, inflation rates are touching the top of the roof, and all this is the result of an imbalance in the demand and supply equation. Anything in excess is always harmful, you all must have heard about this universal truth. In the case of demand and supply the cases of excess demand or supply in a given period of time always gives rise to inflation and deflation situations that prove to be harmful to our economy. Constant checks on demand and supply in a given period of time can save us from the curtailment of our purchasing power.

Considering these elements it is not wrong to say, Money has a direct relation with the time period it is put in use. Hence the proverb, “Time is Money.”

If you found this lesson true and valid or if you have more knowledge concerning this lesson do share in the comment section below. Your sharing matters in our financial literacy endeavors.

Keep reading! Keep learning until next time.

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Financial Literacy lesson no -3

 Assets are entities you invest in to get the cash flow in your pocket. Eg- Education.

Vinita. Pal
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Hello Folks! Namaste!

As promised, here I am with yet another financial literacy lesson.  In my opinion, this lesson is one such lesson that will require a little extra attention because remember what I mentioned in my previous lesson? If you haven’t read the previous lesson, you can read it here. Towards the end of the previous lesson, I mentioned, being wise with your choice of assets is very important as they can make or break a deal.

In today’s lesson, we will focus on the following important pointers.

  1. What are assets?
  2. What is the true nature of assets?
  3. Busting common myths about asset
  4. Understanding the minuscule difference that differentiates an asset from liability. 

Let’s get started. To being with  I would want all of us to do a small exercise. For this, you will need a book and a pen. Now that you are ready with your book and a pen, take a few moments and think of all the entities that according to you are assets for you and list them one by one in your book. Welcome back to reading, I hope you really must have put serious thought while doing that exercise. Do keep the book with you because as we proceed toward the end of this lesson you might consider making changes to your existing list.

“You are an asset to us or to our company”, you all must have had experience hearing this many a time from the company owner or in simple terms from an employee, right? And might have felt proud about it on a certain occasion because such comments have the tendency to bring to your realization your worth of productivity. If you look through other lense you will see, your employee has labeled you as an asset or you have been labeled as an asset because you are the one involved in the working process and it is because you are working that the income is getting generated which is not generating cash rather make the cashflow in the account of the company. Does that make sense? In a simple sense, you are an asset only because you are instrumental in generating cash and making it flow into the company’s account. The bottom line is assets are entities that make the cash flow.

This brings us to our second pointer which is the nature of assets. In a real sense, the true nature of any asset is that they generate cash that keeps flowing in your pocket, and if your pocket can’t hold much then in your bank account. Joke apart, In a real sense any entity can be called an asset if that entity has the potential to generate cash and make it flow in the best of your interest. With this, we have come to our third point of busting the common myths about assets. Investing in an asset requires lots of scrutinizing efforts on our part but believe it or not most of us overlook it let’s say, out of habit or at times may be due to a lack of access to financial literacy. If you consider equipping yourself with financial literacy do check this out. Coming back to scrutinizing efforts before investing in an asset means weighing the pros and cons, understanding, and inspecting the value, nature, and it’s potential to generate the cash flow out of the asset that you consider investing in. After scrutiny, if it comes out that the asset lacks the potential to generate cash flow then it’s not worth investing in it, In the simple sense that the entity cannot be called an asset but a liability.

Before we move on to the last point of Understanding the minuscule difference that differentiates an asset from liability. You might consider going back to the book that is there with you and might want to upgrade it or if not and still want to develop a concrete and more solid understanding of assets to gain more insights before upgrading your asset list, as an inquisitive and progressive learner my suggestion is to check out –Rich dad Poor dad

This book in my knowledge is the best book to bust the myths about assets. As an inquisitive learner, I can vouch for rich dad and poor dad for the reason that the content in the book is purely for financial educational purposes so don’t be surprised if you come across a concept supplemented by a diagram that makes the learning a lot easier to understand, interactive and engaging as well.

Having said that, let’s talk about our fourth point- Understanding the minuscule difference that differentiates an asset from liability. After reading rich dad poor dad I have found that there is a minuscule loophole that is hard to see by most of us in the true sense, no one is to be blamed for this because it lies hidden in our thinking and mindset to not to give much thought to asset and liability before, during and after investing as a result of which we struggle to make the cash flow for us and most of the time we find our investment in the stagnating state which doesn’t result in any cash flow. The point that I want to make is that the loophole that we miss to see and that brings about the distinction between an asset and a liability is where the cash is flowing. Is it flowing in your pocket? Or going out of your pocket? If it’s the first then it can be called an asset, if the second then it’s called a liability. Understanding this simple distinction between asset and liability can save us from making any investment mistakes. 

So next time you hear someone saying, “You are an asset.” be proud about it but also make sure the one you are working with should value your asset as well. Having said this doesn’t mean I am against being called an asset but working with the one who values you as an asset and also YOUR asset is always a win-win and a flourishing situation.

Keep reading! Keep learning until next time.

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Financial Literacy Lesson no-2

Money keeps losing its value so convert it into assets.
- Vinita. Pal

Before you start reading this my suggestion to you all, close your eyes, take a deep breath, be still, and allow yourself to drift back to the historic day of 8th November 2016. By now, some of you might be feeling uneasy reliving the same experience, and some of you might have experienced a spontaneous smile on your face thinking about the chaos that we all had to undergo due to demonetization. Now open your eyes. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below. This is for all my Non- Indian friends who are least aware of the 8th November 2016 demonetization in India — Demonetization.

You all might be wondering how I am suddenly reminded about that event or why I am talking about the same now. To answer these questions, I wish to draw your attention to what exactly we were forced to do after the enforcement of demonetization. We were told to exchange our currency notes with denominations of 500 and 100 within a short stipulated time period. How can we forget all the tensions, and worries we all had been through at that point in time? Don’t get me wrong. This is not to alleviate the pain from the past. This is just to bring to your notice the minuscule difference between currency and money.

Let’s start first by looking at what the dictionary has to say about these two terms. Oxford dictionary defines currency as a system of money in general use in a country. Money is defined as a means of payment, wealth. Now let’s dig deeper into these definitions to get a concrete sense of the same. With the above definitions, it is clear that currency is a fiscal entity and it is subject to change with the change in the government’s monetary guidelines. A prime example of the same is the demonetization stance in India on the night of 8th November 2016. Whereas money is an intangible concept in simple terms it is an abstract term that is flexible to take any legit form and mode for the purpose of payments. A prime example of the same is the barter system of the past, cheques, bank payments, online payments, or digital payments of the present.

The bottom line is;

  1. Currency is replaceable.
  2. The power of money lies in the value associated with it.
  3. Money and currency are two different entities with different roles and functions to play and
  4. Knowing these differences can save us from any economic upheaval.

Coming to the point of how this implication is related to my financial literacy lesson no-2- Money keeps losing its value so convert it into an asset. From the above arguments, it is clear that; Currency is just a physical substance or an entity whereas money is when the government empowers the currency with value. So in the real sense, anything can become money with the government conferring a power of value on it, even a plain piece of paper can be called a currency as long as the government — the issuing body confers the power of money on that plain sheet of paper.

Now that we have shredded the misconception of considering money and currency as one and the same, let’s talk about business. Yes, the business of converting money into an asset. With the demonetization stance, we are pretty much aware of the fact that with the change in currency, the value of money fluctuates, therefore, the wise thing to do is move the wealth and income in the currency form which is (highly volatile) into a solid asset that guarantees cash flow. So that any fluctuation in the currency will not harm our economic status.

If I ask you what is that one fact that keeps the market going the unanimous answer will be cash circulation. That is what we see banks doing, the minute we deposit our money in currency form in banks the same minute banks start looking for ways to convert it into an asset, in other words, look for ways to loan it, or should we say invest in with a high rate of interest. I am sure it is not for me to talk about the conditions under which banks agree to lend. Therefore, we need to educate ourselves about the assets that guarantee cash flow. When it’s about investment, be wise and particular about choosing an asset because it is the asset that can make or break a deal, how? That is the story for another day which I promise to share soon. Till then keep reading, and keep learning.


Financial literacy lesson no – 1

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The value of (0) is Infinite.
- Vinita. Pal

History of Zero

You might be wondering what zero has to do with finance, right? Give me a moment and allow me to show you the versatility of zero and its deep connection with finance. Let us revisit history to know what exactly zero stands for and understand the true role of zero in our day-to-day life. Zero as a mathematical concept is as old as time. Babylonians used zero as a placeholder for a base-10 number and Romans used it as a symbol for a lack of quantity. This means that for a long time zero was used and seen as a sideline factor and was considered to have the only purpose to fill the empty gaps in any calculation operations until ancient Indian Mathematician, Shri Brahmagupta pointed out the significant power of zero (Sunyata in Sanskrit) to divide (positive integers) which was referred as ‘fortune’ with (negative) which was referred as ‘debt’ and also by bringing it in use as a mainstream number and highlighting the immense power a zero hold to increase and decrease the value of any integer in the number system when placed on either of the sides of any integer of the number system.

Principle of Zero & its co-relation in raising money

Zero or Sunya in Sanskrit ultimately means ” nothing”,  “empty”,  or “void” both from numerical as well as philosophical perspectives.  Perhaps it is this principle of nothingness that has revolutionized the world of mathematics and thereby open up lots of possibilities in mathematical calculations, this brings us to our first principle of zero;

  1. Zero = nothing and where there exists nothing there exists the possibility, just like on an empty sheet of paper there is a possibility of penning distinct ideas. Ideas that can have the potential to branch out in as many spheres of life as you wish or desire. This possibility to be different and to create ideas for ourselves and for others, revolutionize the system we are working into. This principle of zero as a possibility to create is what we called a trendsetter or game changer in the world of economy. Personalities like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are prime examples who testify principle of possibility. These personalities literally had nothing but the possibility to think out of – the – box and create something revolutionary that could take the world by surprise, and voila! Today we are the biggest consumers and admirers of the output of these out-of-the-box thinkers. I know, this sounds cliché and also must be seen as a theory easier said than done until I bring forth to you the second principle of Zero i.e., Zero = desire.
  2. Zero= desire. Desire and nothingness[zero] have an ancient relationship. It is for the desire for light that cave humans discovered the fire. It is for the desire for food ancient people learned to farm. It is for the desire for exploration the wheels were inverted and it was for the desire to fly airplanes that were invented. In the state of nothingness, it is the desire that becomes a tool to create, hence it is not wrong to say that the first principle of possibility is impossible or non-functional without the second one. If this made you think that everything starts from desire then let me tell you this is not the case and you to probably will agree with me when I bring to you the inception of the Principle of Zero. Without this initial principle, the above-mentioned other two principles are ineffective. So here presenting the root of the Principles of Zero, Zero= Hope.
  3. Zero = hope that there exists something in nothing. In nothingness lies hope. When we are left with nothing that we are only left with hope. If this hope is channelized in the proper proportion to our passion, desire, and direction, we definitely will have a transforming result like those of trendsetters.

Zero on a surface level might seem to have no value but when we look at a deeper level zero holds the potential to transform the entire world as we have talked about a while ago. For ages, it is the sense of nothingness that has led to the path-breaking discovery in every sector of society so how can the financial sector be left untouched.?After reading the book – How the rich invest with no money by Andy Taner, I not only got the confidence that I too can raise money with zero money but also realized that to raise the money you don’t need money but an idea that most of the time crop up out of nothingness. When you read through this book you will find it as a step-by-step guide with an appealing instance on a surface level that gives the feel to any reader that I too can do it but when you re-read it one can sense an appealing philosophical ideology that how I learned my first lesson of Financial literacy of- ” The value of zero is infinite.” When in nothingness one hopes with desire they open themselves to possibilities and ideas and it is at this moment magic unfolds and takes the world by surprise.

Before we conclude this chapter, I want to bring this to your attention, have you noticed any connection between the above-mentioned three Principles of Zero? All three of them connected in a loop. No matter if you start from the top or bottom you are sure to reap the benefits in terms of financial knowledge both theoretically and practically.

The above-mentioned ideas and Principles are based on my readings and interpretations. I am of the opinion that the exchange of ideas and learning helps society to grow intellectually therefore I look forward to your view on my first lesson on Financial Literacy- The Value of zero is infinite. 

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Smile lost and found

Have you seen my smile?

 I have been looking for it for a long time.

 It has gone missing,

 I don’t know  How, When, & Why? 

 Will you help me look for it?

 Should I look for it among the green grasses?

 Or is it to be found playing with dancing butterflies?

 Should I look for its traces along the long green trees standing in a row?

 Or has it been racing with the winds blowing?

 Do you think the snow-clad mountains will tell its path when asked?

 Or should I look along the flowing streams for it might have left its watermark?

 Wait! Let me hear the whispering grounds,

 who knows they might be knowing about my smile’s whereabouts.

 Looked everywhere, nowhere to be found.

 O! How much I earn to see my smile.

 Having nothing to do but sit back and reflect.

 Recalling all the encounters I have had in search of my smile,

 I realized an upward curve surfaced on my face.

 That’s how I found my lost smile which had given me a miss for a while.

 This is the end of the story, “Smile lost and found.”

An Epistle to Rejection

This one is purely for the love of my passion for[writing and the faith in the power of words.]

Dear Rejection,
I sincerely thank you for not choosing me, for every NO from your end led me on the quest to:
Discover more
Read more. (most important of all.)
Explore more
Act more
Move more.

Therefore, thank you for backing me. I will never let your efforts go in vain for I know, the quest that I have embarked upon will lead me to a far better place than I am now.

Yours ardent Pal,

War and its side-effect

Believe it or not, war is the prime example of our interdependence and connectedness not as an individual entity but as a nation.
Isn’t it bizarre, that a thing that is a source of destruction can become the source to reflect our nature of connections (we share with each other as a nation.) provided we allow ourselves to be flexible enough to look through different lenses?
Following are the levels of our connectedness:
– People
– Policies
– Trade
– Culture
– Customs
– Ideas
– Innovations
– Resources
– Finance.
[These are just a few from my end if you have more points worth adding to the list feel free to do so in the comments section below. Let’s find out our levels in terms of connectedness and interdependence.]

Don’t trust me. Look back in history.
Why are things the way they are? Is it because of the phenomenon: –
“It’s in their loss we come to realize the value and importance of their existence.”

I admit, somewhere I too have fallen for this phenomenon until now. It is after introspection, I have come to realize, that it’s a high price we pay to lose the one who is dear to us.

This brings me to ask myself 2 questions;
1. Is it worth going by this phenomenon?
2. Can we do it the other way around?

What is your say about this?


Love is not blind, love is wise.

They say, love is blind.

I say, it’s time to get this definition redefine

Why wait !

Let’s get to the facts straight.

Love is a divine gift to share

Not to use for one’s advantage.

You see, even the humble land shares her love till the time humans treat her with respect and care (and most importantly with her CONSENT.)

The moment she is taken for granted and used for advantage WITHOUT her CONSENT

 she turns hostile and wreaks havoc on earth.




Continue reading “Love is not blind, love is wise.”


26th January – Constitution Day

26th January, Constitution day

a day celebrated with fervent.

Why shouldn’t we?

For it’s a day 

assured millions of Indians to be free and be the patron of the nation in the cause of its development.

A day 

assured power is with you to live together peacefully.

A day

assured us the status of human, free from slavery and discrimination.

A day 

assured us of our ” right to life.”

No one has the power to cheat you, ill treat you at any cost or price.

If you happen to cross paths with a treacherous mind.

CONSTITUTION says,” No fear, I am with you in your fight . Have faith in me and I will never let this free nation ever get in the hands of any tyrannical mind”


Seasons – Reason for Celebration.

This year is not the same, is it?

It seems seasons have lost their way

I guess that’s why winter and rains were clueless whether to go or stay?

O, what intense mood swings!

Whom to blame?


Today marks the end of winter solstice.

Time to welcome and embrace the warmth.

Let’s embrace our seasons first

And promise them,

I am responsible to you, seasons

And will make every efforts to help you save our ecosystem

For I have come to realize, you are the reason for celebration.


Who say stars can only be found in the night sky?


Who say stars can only be found in the night sky?
How about seeing them during the day time?
No, don’t look up
but below the ground.
In the water, millions to be found.
Just wait for the sun to kiss the sea.
There you go, the stars will appear to greet thee.



Having a boyfriend means so much

Coz it’s the one who stays by you in your thick and thin.

Just then my inner self did somersault 

And told me, you too have a boyfriend-girl.

This inner voice has brought the fact to light 

And made me say- “Yes I have a boyfriend who has always been by my side.”

No , not distance or different from yours .

He is just the same, bearing all my angst and stupid stance

Still holds me gracefully in his arms.

At times I wonder-

How  can he be this calm?

It’s his very nature

That Bound me in his spell of charm.


I know, no words of gratitude would equate to what you have done.

Then to, this one is only for you – my boyfriend.


THANK YOU! For holding on to me and wait,

When I am not in a state to think straight.

THANK YOU! For taking me in your embrace,

When I feel defeated and lose my grace.

THANK YOU! For letting me bury myself into your arms,

When I am filled with rage,agony and angst.

I know, I have not done even half of what you always do for me.

But I promise to stick by your side till eternity.

For others you might appear to be just a bunch of papers entwined together.

For me, you are my refuge and confidant who I know will never let me wither.

With you to the other world I transcend




This is a story of a boy,

born in a small town in South of India.

A boy, raised in an environ

where different faiths, cultures prayed the same way

and religion was only seen in an attire in those days.

A boy who had a deep desire to learn.

Who had seen a teacher in every person

whether it was his father, mother, brother and a friend.


This is a story 

of a boy turned into a young man.

This is a story of a young man

who had a great taste for philosophy and literature.

Who believed science doesn’t take man away from God,

instead they go hand in hand.

This is a story

of a young man

whose distinctive outlook turned him into a scientist.


This is a story of a scientist

whose perseverance gave India 

its 1st satellite launching station.

A scientist who believed, dreams need no cost and 

 launched the rocket with the help of a humble vehicle like a bicycle.

This is a story 

of a scientist

 who was prepared to be a Missile man.


This is a story of a “Missile man”

who revealed the forgotten fact

that rocketry was not a 20th century fad

instead it was the part of our land

since the reign of Tipu Sultan.

Indigenous man was he!

Revived rocketry and paid tribute to Tipu Sultan’s dream of the 18th century.

This is a story

of a missile man 

who rose to the prominence of President.


This is a story of a President

who defied all the inessential treatments.

Who seek every chance to mingle with young crowd

to make sure they prove to be an asset for our nation’s progress.

Who wanted to be remembered as a teacher

with an intention to ignite young minds

for India’s bright future.

This is a story

of a gentleman

who in a true sense

is a “People’s President.”

Inspired from – “Wings of Fire.”



Now that you are in my hold,

doesn’t mean I am an owner and you are a thing to be owned.

Together we will sail in this journey of life.

Will survive all ups and downs by being on each other’s side.

Let’s  promise to reach out each other when hard times might come,

because we are not just lovers but each other’s support  companion.

 (Inspired by the Titanic movie.)


It’s with the universe I discover my true self

There is this fragment of the world that I live in.

 Trying to comply with its terms and conditions.

Sometimes it’s easy

Sometimes it’s difficult

Sometimes I want to disappear.

 It’s suffocating to don several masks just to hide my unconventional self.

There’s no choice because this so-called real world –

An unpredictable one.

A fact often ignored with closed eyes

as it calls for accountability if dealt otherwise.

Deep down I know 

There is this world that exists.

A world, devoid of all the negativities.

A world that demands less and listens more.

A world that I traverse in solitude.

Here I am not obliged to fit into their terms and conditions.

It’s here I meet my real self.

(A self that believes in nurturing and caring.)

It’s here I explore my true self.

My companions are the energies guided by the universe.



What’s broken can be mended.

Don’t worry about the scars that remain.

Polished ,good looks sometimes prove to be a bogus trend.

Don’t you think scars are the sign of your endurance?

So take pride in your blemished appearance.

It says a lot about who you are as a person.

Maybe, you prove to be someone’s inspiration.

A tale from Japan.

Let not the ignorance destroy the human race.

I am not from the white race

Nor from the black race

I belong to the human race.

Same race, spreaded across the continents,

Beautifully distributed between zones and belts.

A race that’s defined by its nature and environment.

The very same nature and environment have shaped me inward out.

I am very sure it’s not mine nor anyone else’s fault.

Isn’t it amazing how these zones and belts bring about varied features among the human race?

Isn’t it a good chance to celebrate the richness of varied features given to us by nature?

Let not ignorance cheat us and prevent us from being a part of such a holistic race.

Let’s be proud of being a part of the only thriving planet.

Know the facts and treat human race with respect,

I believe its’s a great way to celebrate each other’s existence.

Still didn’t get it?

Don’t worry, read it again.

I bet it will make sense for sure.


8-REASONS TO WATCH CINDERELLA – 2021.(#Amazon Prime)

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliated links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

As we all know #cinderella story has undergone a number of the re- creational journeys since its inception so the question is – how can a story that had been re-created 1000 times. Ok, I  know it’s exaggerating, but the nth number of times- (this must seem fine.) be retold in the most appealing and alluring manner?

Why not get the answer straight from the creators’ (Prime Video) mouth. Here presenting to you all; 

8 – reasons to watch AMAZON PRIME STUDIOS CINDERELLA– 2021.

  1. Love: I know it might sound clichés as love is part and parcel of every fairy tale so what difference does it make in the Amazon Prime version of #cinderellamovie? Maybe this song will justify my reason as Love is the only that element can be felt and sensed from the beginning to the end of the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRG2ogfjyvg
  2. Inclusiveness: Now this goes without stating or saying, inclusiveness is an emotion of recent trends. Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged? The Amazon Prime version has captured it so well that it seems to have done away with the discrimination notion. One will get to see a lot of it in this version of  (#amazonprime) Cinderella-2021.
  3. Dealing with the hardcore societal norms with light-heartedness: what you would have done if you were in Cinderella’s place caught by the king sitting on his huge, tall statue? Being a queen, how would you have cross-questioned the king about his throne having gone two inches taller than yours? Being a daughter of a king that belonged to the age-old century, how would you have expressed your desire to work for the people’s welfare and that too on every possible occasion? Well (#amazonprime) seems to sense that if a determination is to be confronted with the hardcore societal norms then it can be dealt with light-heartedness.
  4. Humorous, witty moves and mouth: From scripting to crafting to the execution of each and every act, I must say humor and wit is the gripping point of this story.
  5. Music heals: We are a part of the rhythm nation. I don’t think so I have to elaborate further on this. I would just like to add that the music here is used as a medium to release buried strong desires, dreams, and angst on a few occasions and kind of binds the entire story so as to soothe each and every soul hence music heals.
  6. Affirmation: Dare to dream and work harder to fulfill it. That‘s what Cinderella did when she said,“ If it’s a choice I choose me.” (Disclaimer: This is applicable to dreams with the right intentions.)
  7. Make a move whatsoever: If the intentions are right don’t think twice make a move whatsoever and seize the opportunity that is meant for you. If Cinderella can do it, so can everyone.
  8. Cool Characters: The air with which each and every character performed really makes the movie worth watching as their performance has truly justified the theme of the movie. Whether it be decisive cum Jovial king Rowen (@Pierce Brosnan) or eloquent queen Beatrice (@Minnie Driver) or our daring protagonist Cinderella (@Camila Cabello) or understanding Prince Robert (@Nicholas Galitzine) or not so cruel stepmother (@Idina Menzel) or optimistic princess Gwen (@ Tallulah Greive) or fresh perspective fabulous godmother (@Billyporter)  and my personal favorite musical town crier (@Doc brown.)  


I do hope these 8 reasons would appeal to you the same way it has appealed to me.



Tribute to the epitome of Courage- Athletes

Ever wondered what COURAGE seems like?

Think of Being seated in a roller coaster ride that is about to start with a strike of the light.

– That “do or die” moment coaxed to get on the ride is Courage.

– That sweat beads on forehead, a reflection of the first move is Courage.

– That moment of nervousness is Courage.

– That moment of adrenaline rush is Courage.

– That moment with mixed feelings of fear and determination to get through the ride is Courage.

Whether it be a roller coaster ride or any crucial moment (Sports events) of life, to be courageous is to keep battling in all these moments .

It is then the picture of courage will be reflected in true sense. 

Hats off to all the athletes for inspiring the world with your Courageous impressions.


In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems

In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems – Ms. Vinita. Vijaykumar . palhttps://www.amazon.in/appreciation-Love-Life-Vinita-Vijaykumar/dp/B097YJ4V3Z/ref=sr_1_1?crid=U8V1HE95CR9&dchild=1&keywords=in+appreciation+of+love+and+life&qid=1626343845&sprefix=In+appreciation+of+%2Caps%2C266&sr=8-1

I am pleased to present to you all the fruit of my very first venture in the writing arena as a poet. Here presenting, In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems, for me it’s a unique Collection of Poems, unique in a sense all the poems in this collection are based on the universal themes of love and life.

What make this Collection of Poems so special is its :

  1. Affirming tone: All the poems in this collection have an affirming tone which I believe plays a very important role in bringing about a ray of positivity in one’s life. It is only with the affirmation one can start seeing the positive changes. In simple terms, affirmation is the first step towards positive living, isn’t it?

2. Experiential in nature: Name any poem from this series and you will find that each one of them is the reflection of an indigenous relation that I share with the universal motif of love and life.

3. Beauty of love and life: I have tried my level best to uncover the beauty of love and life in their truest form with zero delusion; it is just because I believe love in its truest form can reach millions of hearts and I do wish it reaches to all the beautiful souls out there.

Perks of having a copy of – In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems for yourself

  1. Revival of faith in love and life: I started penning down the poem at the very uncertain moments of my life where was shrouded by all the murkiness that possibly could have sabotaged my life. To my surprise I did manage to pull out myself just because I dared to pen down affirmations in poetic form. I am more than happy that I am successful in doing that. Poems like- “Epistle to fear”, “Life is a Journey” and “Between Fear and Courage” from this collection are testimony of my words.

2. Affirmation does wonders: Having a chest of affirmations in the form of poems is like getting yourself ready to experience wonders of life. Isn’t this amazing?

3. Appreciation is the key to happiness: In this unprecedented life, what everyone wants today is happiness, it will only be possible when we start appreciating love and life. In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems , is one such book that will reinstate the hope in love and life thereby making you appreciate life which indirectly will become the source of one’s happiness.

4. Simplicity: Simplicity is the core strength of this book just to give the reader a sense of enjoyment and relatability.

Isn’t these are all the considerable accounts to grab a copy for yourself.

If everything sounds convincing , you can grab a copy for yourself by visiting the following store links;









Here’s a piece of love from me to thee.

Coz you to me you are not someone distant

Instead, we are one big family.

Though divided by continents and seas

never forget we share the same spirit


No matter how far we stay from each other.

Love is capable of conquering unfathomable distance.

Coz it’s not bound by any terms, conditions or situations.

Would you agree, if I say,

Love is beyond space and time.

For once, let your love traverse through your action.

For once, let care, trust & respect combine

To emulate your emotion.

Then you will see the magic of Love-

The way it heals the nation.




Destruction doesn’t take time

Creation does…

Now everything seems to be a destruction.

Here’s an opportunity to seek a solution.

Many might not be aware of this relation,

If it strikes you, wait not

plunge into the process of creation.

Stop not

Drop not

How grave or bleak the situation seems to be.

Nth times you may fail but that will guide you towards victory,

If only you keep working diligently


Destruction doesn’t take time

Creation does…


What an irony!

What an irony!

The thing of abundance

Freely available to us once

Now has become a privilege.

What an irony!

The thing easily accessible

Spread across the nature once

Now has reduced to an extent

that it has to be looked for human existence.

What an irony!

A thing such a gift from mother nature

Undermined by progressing generations.

To the point that it’s almost worsen the situation.

It feels still the time is there to reverse the situation.

So, what’s the plan of action?

To increase the level of OXYGEN.


What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love?

What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love?

Aren’t they the most beautiful combination?

Cold emotions always destined to meet warmth of love

Only to experience the whole new world 

filled with  happiness and love.

How am I so sure about this notion?

Truth is I would not

had it not been for the theory of opposites attract.

Matter of fact, where there is coldness, warmth surely lingers nearby.

Like cheerful and flowery spring follows the autumn cold and dry.

Like  Sunbeam kissing the water droplets make the rainbow rise.

Like Beauty turning the beast into a man handsome and wise.

No wonder, one cannot escape the warmth of love.

Isn’t it the most beautiful combination on the earth?


Love is as simple as that.

No flower will blossom

If it’s smothered into a clenched fist

It needs to be set free

In order to grow to its full beauty.

Just a matter of fact.

Love is as simple as that.


Without a movement of pairs.

Distortion of one can make the situation difficult.

Even a pair of limbs is needed to walk a distance.

Just a matter of fact.

Love is as simple as that.


No fruits could be cherished

without giving the trees their due respect.

Indiscriminately cutting them

will lead to barren land.

Even nature reciprocates the way it has been treated.

Just a matter of fact.

Love is as simple as that


Hold on to each other.

Everyone has their own battle to fight.

Fighting is the only way to survive.

Surviving seems to be hard at this time.

Timing is supposed to be blamed for that?

Time is constant like change.

It has no effect on the human race.

It does what it’s supposed to do.

Sweeping over the nation

Racing against the time is futile.

We must hold on to each other to survive.

Is it not the way the human race braved the difficult times?

Time was treated as a wave 

that just passes by and not destroys.




Stepping into the world of woods.

Swinging with the tall standing troops.

Listening to the rustling leaves.

Dancing to the whistling breeze.

Hearing the chirping, buzzing, humming, churring, rustling, whistling, singing.

Losing self to the fresh earthy and woody scent.

I have encountered the whole new world.

Of all the places I have been.

Woods, for me, are a visual treat .

My dreamland to escape.


Dil aur Dimag ?

Dil aur dimag

One favors love,

Other favour logic

Clash between two always results in tragedy.

So far no one is able to make out,

Should one choose head over heart or should one go the other way around?

This dilemma of Dil aur dimag has cost many lives.

Some have lost their jobs 

Some precious person of their life.

Like many, I am not an exception.

Always found myself between the strife of Dil aur dimag.

It is while reading about Buddha’s teachings, I came across this raaz,

To find happiness, always follow the middle path.

So why go to the extremes of Dil aur dimag?

Let Dil come to the middle path,

Dimag will cover the other half.

This way, I feel most of the tragedies

 will get resolved,

Don’t believe me?

Then let me put it this way,

Only in the middle of the earth you will find living tribes.

Even the extremes of the Poles don’t favor life.


The quintessential Love Story

Image credit : https://www.dreamstime.com/decorative-luxury-venetian-sun-moon-mask-decorative-luxury-venetian-sun-moon-mask-dreamy-glow-light-effects-image110274052

Sun and moon,

The most coveted lover of town.

 Got separated by the envious crowd.

 Coz as compared to their love, no match Found.

 Hence sun was made in-charge of light 

 And the moon was forced to brighten the night.

 Little did they know, 

 True love is never bound to subjection.

 Therefore sun and moon fondle each other at the strategic hour of dawn and dusk

 As if teasing their helpless spectators.


On feminism

Hi! Myself FEMINISM talking to thee.

Today, I am here to wipe out the aversion you hold against me.
My inception was the reaction against the disparities in society.
You can’t deny this fact, as the truth has already been told by history.
It was a thing of pride for me,
for I was the tool to bring about equality in society.
With the passing of time, things start to change,
I have been belittled with derogatory remarks filled with rage.
My job was to uplift the women’s status.
Not to incite the other half to be a dominator.
Perhaps, it’s your talent for playing the game, ‘Who’s greater?’
And I am being labeled as a man-hater.
I think you are too intelligent to understand,
for you are not being able to make sense.
It takes both the gender to work hand in hand,
for the peaceful existence of this mortal land.
If you have forgotten, let me remind you,
the existence of both sexes is equally important, that’s a universal truth.
Masculine and feminine traits, are what you are proud of?
I can prove that one’s existence is futile without the other half.
If men are ruled by the head, women are ruled by the heart.
Now imagine a human body eliminating one of these parts.
O! How can I forget this,
even sperm and ovum have to unite to produce babies.
One is overpowering the other, which is a misconception.
The solution to this problem is communication.
If you want to continue with ‘Who is greater? fight,
carry on, as it’s your life.
But keep me away from your strife.
For God’s sake do not include me in your ‘Tom and Jerry’ fight.
Do remember me as an uplifter of oppressed women.
That’s why I am being called as feminist.