In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems

In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems – Ms. Vinita. Vijaykumar . palhttps://www.amazon.in/appreciation-Love-Life-Vinita-Vijaykumar/dp/B097YJ4V3Z/ref=sr_1_1?crid=U8V1HE95CR9&dchild=1&keywords=in+appreciation+of+love+and+life&qid=1626343845&sprefix=In+appreciation+of+%2Caps%2C266&sr=8-1

I am pleased to present to you all the fruit of my very first venture in the writing arena as a poet. Here presenting, In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems, for me it’s a unique Collection of Poems, unique in a sense all the poems in this collection are based on the universal themes of love and life.

What make this Collection of Poems so special is its :

  1. Affirming tone: All the poems in this collection have an affirming tone which I believe plays a very important role in bringing about a ray of positivity in one’s life. It is only with the affirmation one can start seeing the positive changes. In simple terms, affirmation is the first step towards positive living, isn’t it?

2. Experiential in nature: Name any poem from this series and you will find that each one of them is the reflection of an indigenous relation that I share with the universal motif of love and life.

3. Beauty of love and life: I have tried my level best to uncover the beauty of love and life in their truest form with zero delusion; it is just because I believe love in its truest form can reach millions of hearts and I do wish it reaches to all the beautiful souls out there.

Perks of having a copy of – In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems for yourself

  1. Revival of faith in love and life: I started penning down the poem at the very uncertain moments of my life where was shrouded by all the murkiness that possibly could have sabotaged my life. To my surprise I did manage to pull out myself just because I dared to pen down affirmations in poetic form. I am more than happy that I am successful in doing that. Poems like- “Epistle to fear”, “Life is a Journey” and “Between Fear and Courage” from this collection are testimony of my words.

2. Affirmation does wonders: Having a chest of affirmations in the form of poems is like getting yourself ready to experience wonders of life. Isn’t this amazing?

3. Appreciation is the key to happiness: In this unprecedented life, what everyone wants today is happiness, it will only be possible when we start appreciating love and life. In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems , is one such book that will reinstate the hope in love and life thereby making you appreciate life which indirectly will become the source of one’s happiness.

4. Simplicity: Simplicity is the core strength of this book just to give the reader a sense of enjoyment and relatability.

Isn’t these are all the considerable accounts to grab a copy for yourself.

If everything sounds convincing , you can grab a copy for yourself by visiting the following store links;









Here’s a piece of love from me to thee.

Coz you to me you are not someone distant

Instead, we are one big family.

Though divided by continents and seas

never forget we share the same spirit


No matter how far we stay from each other.

Love is capable of conquering unfathomable distance.

Coz it’s not bound by any terms, conditions or situations.

Would you agree, if I say,

Love is beyond space and time.

For once, let your love traverse through your action.

For once, let care, trust & respect combine

To emulate your emotion.

Then you will see the magic of Love-

The way it heals the nation.




Destruction doesn’t take time

Creation does…

Now everything seems to be a destruction.

Here’s an opportunity to seek a solution.

Many might not be aware of this relation,

If it strike to you, wait not

plunge into the process of creation.

Stop not

Drop not

How grave or bleak the situation seems to be.

Nth times you may fail but that will guide you towards victory,

If only you keep working diligently


Destruction doesn’t take time

Creation does…


What an irony!

What an irony!

The thing of abundance

Freely available to us once

Now has become a privilege.

What an irony!

The thing easily accessible

Spread across the nature once

Now has reduced to an extent

that it has to be looked for human existence.

What an irony!

A thing such a gift from mother nature

Undermined by progressing generations.

To the point that it’s almost worsen the situation.

It feels still the time is there to reverse the situation.

So, what’s the plan of action?

To increase the level of OXYGEN.


What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love?

What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love?

Aren’t they the most beautiful combination?

Cold emotions always destined to meet warmth of love

Only to experience the whole new world 

filled with  happiness and love.

How am I so sure about this notion?

Truth is I would not

had it not been for the theory of opposites attract.

Matter of fact, where there is coldness, warmth surely lingers nearby.

Like cheerful and flowery spring follows the autumn cold and dry.

Like  Sunbeam kissing the water droplets make the rainbow rise.

Like Beauty turning the beast into a man handsome and wise.

No wonder, one cannot escape the warmth of love.

Isn’t it the most beautiful combination on the earth?


Love is as simple as that.

No flower will blossom

If it’s smothered into clenched fist

It need to be set free

In order to grow to its full beautiful.

Just a matter of fact.

Love is as simple as that.


Without a movement of pairs.

Distortion of one can make the situation difficult.

Even a pair of limbs is needed to walk a distance.

Just a matter of fact.

Love is as simple as that.


No fruits could be cherished

without giving the trees their due respect.

Indiscriminately cutting them

will lead to the barren land.

Even nature reciprocates the way it has been treated.

Just a matter of fact.

Love is as simple as that


Hold on to each other.

Everyone has their own battle to fight.

Fighting is the only way to survive.

Surviving seems to be hard at this time.

Timing is supposed to be blamed for that?

Time is constant like change.

It has no effect on the human race.

It does what it’s supposed to do.

Sweeping over the nation

Racing against the time is futile.

We must hold on to each other to survive.

Is it not the way the human race braved the difficult times?

Time was treated as a wave 

that just passes by and not destroys.




Stepping into the world of woods.

Swinging with the tall standing troops.

Listening to the rustling leaves.

Dancing to the whistling breeze.

Hearing the chirping, buzzing, humming, churring, rustling, whistling, singing.

Losing self to the fresh earthy and woody scent.

I have encountered the whole new world.

Of all the places I have been.

Woods, for me, are a visual treat .

My dreamland to escape.


Dil aur Dimag ?

Dil aur dimag

One favors love,

Other favour logic

Clash between two always results in tragedy.

So far no one is able to make out,

Should one choose head over heart or should one go the other way around?

This dilemma of Dil aur dimag has cost many lives.

Some have lost their jobs 

Some precious person of their life.

Like many, I am not an exception.

Always found myself between the strife of Dil aur dimag.

It is while reading about Buddha’s teachings, I came across this raaz,

To find happiness, always follow the middle path.

So why go to the extremes of Dil aur dimag?

Let Dil come to the middle path,

Dimag will cover the other half.

This way, I feel most of the tragedies

 will get resolved,

Don’t believe me?

Then let me put it this way,

Only in the middle of the earth you will find living tribes.

Even the extremes of the Poles don’t favor life.


The quintessential Love Story

Image credit : https://www.dreamstime.com/decorative-luxury-venetian-sun-moon-mask-decorative-luxury-venetian-sun-moon-mask-dreamy-glow-light-effects-image110274052

Sun and moon,

The most coveted lover of town.

 Got separated by the envious crowd.

 Coz as compared to their love, no match Found.

 Hence sun was made in-charge of light 

 And the moon was forced to brighten the night.

 Little did they know, 

 True love is never bound to subjection.

 Therefore sun and moon fondle each other at the strategic hour of dawn and dusk

 As if teasing their helpless spectators.


Reason and Season of celebration

image credit: Photo by Prachi Palwe on Unsplash

With the northern hemisphere greeting the sun once again.

And giving us the illusion, the sun is in uttarayan.

Here comes the reason and season,

To dwell into the warmth of kindness.

To spread love, joy and merriment.

To enjoy the feast of the labor,

done in the cold months by our farmers.

To celebrate with our loved ones,

The very festival that falls in the same month, on the same day in every culture,

thus making us realize, we are also united by our tradition.

That’s the best thing about being an Indian.


Magic is about to happen.

Magic is about to happen.

I have heard from bright twinkling stars.

I have seen in the colourful lights 

and in every glistening eyes.

I have sensed it in every winter scent

and in every cold breeze, gushing as if singing a song of merriment.

I have smelled it in every home’s dishes.

Fun fact! it smelled the same happy taste even in the homes of less privilege.

Told you, magic is about to happen.

As it is a time of hopes, happiness, prayers.

So be hopeful, be happy and pray with pure intention.

Because, magic is about to happen.

This poem is a reflection of my anticipation of this new year 2021 and this is how, I would like to embrace this year of 2021. Would like to know, what’s your anticipation about this new year 2021? Your response will be highly appreciated because I feel by sharing words of happiness and positivity is what make this world a happy place for human kind. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


An encounter with Culture.

I am in love with culture,

I would rather say cultures.

I get to embrace them equally.

The best part is, it  never complains.

Tasting each of them is such an experience!

Voila! This is the reason for culture being so liberal.

Going by the fact,

 we always experience the things that are abstract.

That’s why you accept cross culture without being fussy 

unlike your concrete counterpart.

I guess, they have failed to understand, it’s you who gets them dressed.

Every time they got themselves naked,

 they blamed you saying-” it was your fault culture.”

Perhaps, a day will come

When your concrete counterpart will learn

 to take blame on themselves

for not getting fit into their old dresses.



When mind is feeble

And filled with the urge to hurt our very own nation

Either by plotting against nation’s security

Or by snatching someone’s right to life.

TRICOLOUR at sight.

Hope to set everything right.

As it’s a reflection of our nation’s pride sacrifice

Who only lived and is been living

Just for the sake of spreading love , peace and light.



Having a boyfriend means so much

Coz it’s he who stays by you in your thick and thin.

Just then my inner self did somersault 

And told me, you too have a boyfriend-girl.

This inner voice has brought the fact to light 

And made me say- “Yes I have a boyfriend who has always been by my side.”

No , not distance or different from yours .

He is just the same, bearing all my angst and stupid stance

Still holds me gracefully in his arms.

At times I wonder-

How  can he be this calm?

It’s his very nature

That Bound me in his spell of charm.

I know, no words of gratitude would equate to what you have done.

Then to, this one is only for you – my boyfriend.

THANK YOU! For holding on to me and wait,

When I am not in a state to think straight.

THANK YOU! For taking me in your embrace,

When I feel defeated and lose my grace.

THANK YOU! For letting me bury myself into your arms,

When I am filled with rage,agony and angst.

I know, I have not done even half of what you always do for me.

But I promise to stick by your side till eternity.

For others you might appear to be just a bunch of papers entwined together.

For me, you are my refuge and confidant who I know will never let me wither.

With you to the other world I transcend




When AMAVAS (New Moon) night was lamenting,

“Why  am I so dark and considered a devil?”

It’s then with the coming of Lord Rama to his abode,

the same night

was illuminated by the thousands of “Diya lights.”

Darkness was engulfed by the radiant people’s unison.

There were cheers,laughter and celebration.

Devil is not in the night but in the mind.

That’s how Lord Rama shed the false beliefs about AMAVAS night.



Recently I realized, smile heals.

So keep the chain of this healing smile going.

Share the smile, maybe we can make someone’s day.

Maybe we can become the reason for someone’s smile.

Maybe we can save someone’s life.

Maybe we can make someone realise that we are with you.

Let’s make our contribution count in this healing process by sharing this smile not only virtually but also in person.

Let each smile count.


KARMA of a lousy fickle mind

A lousy fickle mind

was proud of its badass crime.

So absorbed in its malicious act 

to satisfy its selfishness.

Stupid fellow didn’t realize its own foolishness.

Deeply drunk into its pernicious performance.

Forgot GOOD always WINS over EVIL.

No one came to its rescue this time,

albeit left alone.

That’s how KARMA intertwined and made it pay heavily for its crime.


Life is a journey

Life is a journey not a destination.

Get on a ride and experience all the emotions.

Happiness, joy, anger, fear, sadness.

Encounter each, one by one.

Some will make you, some will change you

But don’t let it break you.

Whenever any of these knock you down

Just bring the smile of courage and say,

“Its OK, you are just a part of my journey 

Not my life.”


A Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

This is a story of a boy,

born in a small town in South of India.

A boy, raised in an environ

where different faiths, cultures prayed the same way

and religion was only seen in an attire in those days.

A boy who had a deep desire to learn.

Who had seen a teacher in every person

whether it was his father, mother, brother and a friend.

This is a story 

of a boy turned into a young man.

This is a story of a young man

who had a great taste for philosophy and literature.

Who believed science doesn’t take man away from God,

instead they go hand in hand.

This is a story

of a young man

whose distinctive outlook turned him into a scientist.

This is a story of a scientist

whose perseverance gave India 

its 1st satellite launching station.

A scientist who believed, dreams need no cost and 

 launched the rocket with the help of a humble vehicle like a bicycle.

This is a story 

of a scientist

 who was prepared to be a Missile man.

This is a story of a “Missile man”

who revealed the forgotten fact

that rocketry was not a 20th century fad

instead it was the part of our land

since the reign of Tipu Sultan.

Indigenous man was he!

Revived rocketry and paid tribute to Tipu Sultan’s dream of the 18th century.

This is a story

of a missile man 

who rose to the prominence of President.

This is a story of a President

who defied all the inessential treatments.

Who seek every chance to mingle with young crowd

to make sure they prove to be an asset for our nation’s progress.

Who wanted to be remembered as a teacher

with an intention to ignite young minds

for India’s bright future.

This is a story

of a gentleman

who in a true sense

is a “People’s President.”

Inspired from – “Wings of Fire.”



Image source: https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1561149872-0e610fdeb03a?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjEyMDd9&auto=format&fit=crop&w=825&q=80

Acceptance would have been lot more easy if things would have changed 



(stop crying like a girl.)







(hey! what is she doing? this is not her job. she won’t be able to do it?)



(let her try, I have a faith in her she can do it.)




When the sun is slowly showing up over the horizon

and paint the world with its honey filled light-

The light that glitters like gold

and warmth as the mother’s hold.


Coz the honey filled light 

when kisses the skin

give a radiant gleam.

It is this radiance I cherish,

as no other cosmetic can give this.



Between Fear and Courage,

I met anxiety and calmness.

I chose calmness over anxiety,

Coz that’s the lesson muddy water taught me.

Trembling muddy water will never be purified,

only the steady one can show up clean and sparkling bright.

Between Fear and Courage.

I met pain and faith.

I chose faith over pain,

Coz that’s the lesson prayers have taught me.

Every prayer is an affirmation to face any shortcomings,

and every affirmation is an act of moving towards faith without any worries.

Between Fear and Courage,

I met doubts and confidence.

I chose confidence over doubts,

Coz that’s the lesson law of nature taught me.

The law of nature says, ” you are what you see and believe in.”

So, between Fear and Courage,

There will always be two paths,

One will lead to self-discovery and other to self-destruction.

It’s on us to choose wisely.

If caught in a dilemma and not in a state to decide,

just push yourself a little,

and remember the never give up stories of eminent personalities.

Thomas Edison(999times failure during the invention of the bulb.)

Mr. Bachchan (rejected by All India Radio) .

Countless examples are there to find,

just go back in the history and be wise while you decide.


A Journey named relationship,

A Journey named relationship,

Sees many moments of highs and lows.

A Journey which is not so perfect,

It never suppose to be.

Slowly and gradually unveiling each other strength and weaknesses,

and realizing this is how it suppose to be.

A Journey,

from disagreeing with each other to forgiving each other.

From misunderstanding to giving each other time to understand.

From yelling at each other to apologizing for making it go smooth further.

From cribbing over small issues to realizing how lucky to have each other as JEEVAN SAATHI.

I must say, no one can pull it through,

Better than who knows true love value.


Life journey of Ms.Alisha Choudhary

Life journey of Alisha choudhary gave me thought,

What if all beings come with their expiry card?

I know it’s so evil of me to say this,

But I have a reason for this remark so devilish.

Here, in this moment of carefree spree,

We have the tendency to procrastinate our dreams and enjoy being nosy.

What if the above notion would have been true.

Imagine the amount of chaos will brew.

Luckily it’s a mere notion not a reality,

The case was not the same for the fighter soul, Ms Alisha Choudhary.

Pain of knowing one’s expiry date is gruesome.

No doubt, she might have experienced the same on hearing about Pulmonary Fibrosis.

A girl fifteen years of age,

How did she manage to cope up with situation such  strange?

For that matter, if there would have been anyone else of her age,

Might have gone maniac with rage.

This might sound exaggerated to many.

The only thing that can prove my point is her work “LITTLE EPIPHANIES’’

The whole point in bringing this up over here,

Just to review the concept of death which is seen as a reality so severe.

The real culprit in robbing someone’s life is not the death,

It’s the agony,fear,anxiety that forces the being to depart.

The lesson is so simple yet profound.

All thanks to Ms, Alisha who taught me, “ Give a damn to pessimists in you that let you down.”


Love diary- 1

Being shackled up for a long time,

She let herself immersed in her enchanted wild.

Sitting by the calm river,cherishing the azure night.

A whole new world beholds her sight.

Millions of shining stars made her look divine like.

Dewy green grasses happily welcome her with smile,

When she leaned on her back and let herself kissed by the moisten bed spread wide.

Being satiated,she desired nothing more,

As it’s just her and nature making love and no one to oppose.




Now that you are in my hold,

doesn’t mean I am an owner and you are a thing to be owned.

Together we will sail in this journey of life.

Will survive all ups and downs by being each other side.

Let’s make a promise to reach out each other when hard times might come,
because we are not just lovers but each other support system and companion.
                                                                     (Inspired from Titanic movie.)

Sunshine 🌞🌻

Darkness hover over the sky,

Giving the illusion of, its all dull and dry.
Sometimes it cast the impression so deep within us.
We tend to forget the fact,
Let’s span our vision towards the dark clouds again.
Look! What the sun is doing?
Unfolding the shady veil.
Peeping through the cloudy windows with a gentle smile.
As if saying, “I am there for you, it’s your time to shine.”


Epistle to fear

Hello Mr. Fear,

You being an abstract feeling of sort,

Can shake the person to the core of the thought.

I have seen your every shade in the past.

You have the power that long for  last.

Yes, I admit,

I once got caught into your hold,

anxiety, panic, doubts,bouts of hallucinations.(Your highly anticipated offspring)

have stopped me time,and again to get back to my real self bold.

You almost tear me apart,

robbed my peace of mind and spirit to live my life like bindaas.

Wait! Don’t get too high,listening to your plus.

I, too am the adamant soul,that never learn to give up.

Looking for the ways to deal with you.

I heard the celestial voice guiding me through.

“No matter how strong the hold be,

You still have the power,to ground thy enemy” (said the voice.)

So Mr. Fear, 

I just wanna say, thank you for the intrusion in my life.

Allowing me to meet the new version of mine.

I agree with the fact that you being the feeling,

will always be the part of my life,

But let me tell you,

Mr. Fear,

You are not gonna win over me this time.

No grudges or complains against you,

Just heartfelt gratitude.

For the chance to discover,the new ability to deal with you.

Thanking you once again,

For opening my eyes.

‘Be your own savior’-

The precious mantra, I have realized














































































































































































On feminism

Hi! Myself FEMINISM talking to thee.

Today, I am here to wipe out the aversion you hold against me.
My inception was the reaction against the disparities in the society.
You can’t deny this fact, as the truth has already been told by the history.
It was thing of pride for me,
for I was the tool to bring about equality in the society.
With passing time things start to change,
I have been belittle with the derogatory remarks filled with rage.
My job was to uplift the women status.
Not to incite the other half to be a dominator.
Perhaps, it’s your talent of playing the game, ‘Who’s greater?’
And I am being labelled as man-hater.
I think, you are too intellect to understand,
for you are not being able to make sense.
It takes both the gender to work hand in hand,
for the peaceful existence of this mortal land.
If you have forgotten, let me remind you,
existence of both the sexes are equally important, that’s a universal truth.
Masculine and feminine traits, is what you are proud of ?
I can prove that one’s existence is futile without the other half.
If men are ruled by head, women are ruled by heart.
Now imagine a human body eliminating one of these parts.
O! How can I forget this,
even sperm and ovum has to unite to produce babies.
One is overpowering the other, is a misconception.
Solution to this problem is, communication.
If you want to continue with ‘Who is greater? fight,
carry on, as it’s your life.
But keep me away from your strife.
For God’s sake do not include me in your ‘Tom and Jerry’ fight.
Do remember me as an up lifter of oppressed women.
That’s why I am being called as FEMINISM.