Dangerous weapon

We humans carry the most dangerous weapon.

It remain with us 24/7.
As believed,we are blessed to have it.
I would say, that’s the only point of difference between us and other spieces.
Prolonged thinking brought me to this inference.
It’s our thinking ability that worked in our preference.
Still wondering, how this weapon is link with our ability to think.
How about if I say,our head dictate our mouth when we speak.
What! don’t believe this point to be true.
Wait,I have an instance to prove.
Just imagine, you said,” Let’s go for a movie Dracula. 
When you meant to say,” Let’s go for a movie, Dracula.” 
If we go by these statements,
Be ready to get called as a patient.
Still believe that rivalry,enemity and hatred are the murderer of humanity.
No dear, they are the manifestation of ILL SPEECH delivery.
If bloodshed, outrage , given a chance to blame.
They would definitely say,”mind your tongue to stop this bloody game.”
Words and speech can make or break the person.
It’s on us how we are gonna use this weapon.

Published by VINITA PAL

A person with an ability to capture the essence of the moments and artistically blend it in a poem.

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