Life journey of Ms.Alisha Choudhary

The life journey of Alisha choudhary gave me thought,

What if all beings come with their expiry card?

I know it’s so evil of me to say this,

But I have a reason for this remark so devilish.

Here, in this moment of a carefree spree,

We have the tendency to procrastinate our dreams and enjoy being nosy.

What if the above notion would have been true.

Imagine the amount of chaos that will brew.

Luckily it’s a mere notion, not a reality,

The case was not the same for the fighter soul, Ms. Alisha Choudhary.

The pain of knowing one’s expiry date is gruesome.

No doubt, she might have experienced the same on hearing about Pulmonary Fibrosis.

A girl fifteen years of age,

How did she manage to cope with a situation such strange?

For that matter, if there would have been anyone else of her age,

Might have gone maniac with rage.

This might sound exaggerated to many.

The only thing that can prove my point is her work “LITTLE EPIPHANIES’’

The whole point in bringing this up over here,

Just to review the concept of death which is seen as a reality so severe.

The real culprit in robbing someone’s life is not death,

It’s the agony, fear, and anxiety that force the being to depart.

The lesson is so simple yet profound.

All thanks to Ms, Alisha who taught me, “ Give a damn to pessimists in you that let you down.”

Published by VINITA PAL

A person with an ability to capture the essence of the moments and artistically blend it in a poem.

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