What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love?

What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love?

Aren’t they the most beautiful combination?

Cold emotions always destined to meet warmth of love

Only to experience the whole new world 

filled with  happiness and love.

How am I so sure about this notion?

Truth is I would not

had it not been for the theory of opposites attract.

Matter of fact, where there is coldness, warmth surely lingers nearby.

Like cheerful and flowery spring follows the autumn cold and dry.

Like  Sunbeam kissing the water droplets make the rainbow rise.

Like Beauty turning the beast into a man handsome and wise.

No wonder, one cannot escape the warmth of love.

Isn’t it the most beautiful combination on the earth?

Published by VINITA PAL

A person with an ability to capture the essence of the moments and artistically blend it in a poem.

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