In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems

In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems – Ms. Vinita. Vijaykumar . pal

I am pleased to present to you all the fruit of my very first venture in the writing arena as a poet. Here presenting, In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems, for me it’s a unique Collection of Poems, unique in a sense all the poems in this collection are based on the universal themes of love and life.

What make this Collection of Poems so special is its :

  1. Affirming tone: All the poems in this collection have an affirming tone which I believe plays a very important role in bringing about a ray of positivity in one’s life. It is only with the affirmation one can start seeing the positive changes. In simple terms, affirmation is the first step towards positive living, isn’t it?

2. Experiential in nature: Name any poem from this series and you will find that each one of them is the reflection of an indigenous relation that I share with the universal motif of love and life.

3. Beauty of love and life: I have tried my level best to uncover the beauty of love and life in their truest form with zero delusion; it is just because I believe love in its truest form can reach millions of hearts and I do wish it reaches to all the beautiful souls out there.

Perks of having a copy of – In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems for yourself

  1. Revival of faith in love and life: I started penning down the poem at the very uncertain moments of my life where was shrouded by all the murkiness that possibly could have sabotaged my life. To my surprise I did manage to pull out myself just because I dared to pen down affirmations in poetic form. I am more than happy that I am successful in doing that. Poems like- “Epistle to fear”, “Life is a Journey” and “Between Fear and Courage” from this collection are testimony of my words.

2. Affirmation does wonders: Having a chest of affirmations in the form of poems is like getting yourself ready to experience wonders of life. Isn’t this amazing?

3. Appreciation is the key to happiness: In this unprecedented life, what everyone wants today is happiness, it will only be possible when we start appreciating love and life. In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems , is one such book that will reinstate the hope in love and life thereby making you appreciate life which indirectly will become the source of one’s happiness.

4. Simplicity: Simplicity is the core strength of this book just to give the reader a sense of enjoyment and relatability.

Isn’t these are all the considerable accounts to grab a copy for yourself.

If everything sounds convincing , you can grab a copy for yourself by visiting the following store links;

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A person with an ability to capture the essence of the moments and artistically blend it in a poem.

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