8-REASONS TO WATCH CINDERELLA – 2021.(#Amazon Prime)

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As we all know #cinderella story has undergone a number of the re- creational journeys since its inception so the question is – how can a story that had been re-created 1000 times. Ok, I  know it’s exaggerating, but the nth number of times- (this must seem fine.) be retold in the most appealing and alluring manner?

Why not get the answer straight from the creators’ (Prime Video) mouth. Here presenting to you all; 

8 – reasons to watch AMAZON PRIME STUDIOS CINDERELLA– 2021.

  1. Love: I know it might sound clichés as love is part and parcel of every fairy tale so what difference does it make in the Amazon Prime version of #cinderellamovie? Maybe this song will justify my reason as Love is the only that element can be felt and sensed from the beginning to the end of the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRG2ogfjyvg
  2. Inclusiveness: Now this goes without stating or saying, inclusiveness is an emotion of recent trends. Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged? The Amazon Prime version has captured it so well that it seems to have done away with the discrimination notion. One will get to see a lot of it in this version of  (#amazonprime) Cinderella-2021.
  3. Dealing with the hardcore societal norms with light-heartedness: what you would have done if you were in Cinderella’s place caught by the king sitting on his huge, tall statue? Being a queen, how would you have cross-questioned the king about his throne having gone two inches taller than yours? Being a daughter of a king that belonged to the age-old century, how would you have expressed your desire to work for the people’s welfare and that too on every possible occasion? Well (#amazonprime) seems to sense that if a determination is to be confronted with the hardcore societal norms then it can be dealt with light-heartedness.
  4. Humorous, witty moves and mouth: From scripting to crafting to the execution of each and every act, I must say humor and wit is the gripping point of this story.
  5. Music heals: We are a part of the rhythm nation. I don’t think so I have to elaborate further on this. I would just like to add that the music here is used as a medium to release buried strong desires, dreams, and angst on a few occasions and kind of binds the entire story so as to soothe each and every soul hence music heals.
  6. Affirmation: Dare to dream and work harder to fulfill it. That‘s what Cinderella did when she said,“ If it’s a choice I choose me.” (Disclaimer: This is applicable to dreams with the right intentions.)
  7. Make a move whatsoever: If the intentions are right don’t think twice make a move whatsoever and seize the opportunity that is meant for you. If Cinderella can do it, so can everyone.
  8. Cool Characters: The air with which each and every character performed really makes the movie worth watching as their performance has truly justified the theme of the movie. Whether it be decisive cum Jovial king Rowen (@Pierce Brosnan) or eloquent queen Beatrice (@Minnie Driver) or our daring protagonist Cinderella (@Camila Cabello) or understanding Prince Robert (@Nicholas Galitzine) or not so cruel stepmother (@Idina Menzel) or optimistic princess Gwen (@ Tallulah Greive) or fresh perspective fabulous godmother (@Billyporter)  and my personal favorite musical town crier (@Doc brown.)  


I do hope these 8 reasons would appeal to you the same way it has appealed to me.


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