What If?

A Snail with a bag pack, a devil in the forest.

“Being born out of five elements,

we hold in ourselves whole universe.

One who dare to walk the path of courage

can recognize their real strength.”

 -Vinita. Pal

What If ? is a short fictional tale about courage and self discovery. This short fictional tale will take you on the mystical journey where you will happen to meet universal spirit guides who will show you how courage can lead to the path to self discovery.

What’s so special about this book?

This book is all about words. These are not just random words but a magical one.  Magic is in the way words have been curated and designed to hold the magical powers.

Why you should have this book ?

  • If words comfort you this book is for you 
  • If words make you believe in love, this book is for you .
  • If you believe words in any way inspire you and your life this book is for you.
  • If you believe words can influence your destiny for good this book is for you.
  • If you believe words in any way, come to your rescue, give you solace then this book is for you.

Don’t believe me, Give words a chance.

Words of caution before you get this book for yourself.

  1. Own it with affection,
  2. Read it with passion,
  3. Feel it with compassion.

Do follow these guidelines to experience the magic because without involvement a beautiful journey appears to be boring so how magic will seem real without involvement. Am I correct?

Do check out the E-book version here.



Published by VINITA PAL

A person with an ability to capture the essence of the moments and artistically blend it in a poem.

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