War and its side-effect

Believe it or not, war is the prime example of our interdependence and connectedness not as an individual entity but as a nation.
Isn’t it bizarre, that a thing that is a source of destruction can become the source to reflect our nature of connections (we share with each other as a nation.) provided we allow ourselves to be flexible enough to look through different lenses?
Following are the levels of our connectedness:
– People
– Policies
– Trade
– Culture
– Customs
– Ideas
– Innovations
– Resources
– Finance.
[These are just a few from my end if you have more points worth adding to the list feel free to do so in the comments section below. Let’s find out our levels in terms of connectedness and interdependence.]

Don’t trust me. Look back in history.
Why are things the way they are? Is it because of the phenomenon: –
“It’s in their loss we come to realize the value and importance of their existence.”

I admit, somewhere I too have fallen for this phenomenon until now. It is after introspection, I have come to realize, that it’s a high price we pay to lose the one who is dear to us.

This brings me to ask myself 2 questions;
1. Is it worth going by this phenomenon?
2. Can we do it the other way around?

What is your say about this?

Published by VINITA PAL

A person with an ability to capture the essence of the moments and artistically blend it in a poem.

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