Financial literacy lesson no – 1

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The value of (0) is Infinite.
- Vinita. Pal

History of Zero

You might be wondering what zero has to do with finance, right? Give me a moment and allow me to show you the versatility of zero and its deep connection with finance. Let us revisit history to know what exactly zero stands for and understand the true role of zero in our day-to-day life. Zero as a mathematical concept is as old as time. Babylonians used zero as a placeholder for a base-10 number and Romans used it as a symbol for a lack of quantity. This means that for a long time zero was used and seen as a sideline factor and was considered to have the only purpose to fill the empty gaps in any calculation operations until ancient Indian Mathematician, Shri Brahmagupta pointed out the significant power of zero (Sunyata in Sanskrit) to divide (positive integers) which was referred as ‘fortune’ with (negative) which was referred as ‘debt’ and also by bringing it in use as a mainstream number and highlighting the immense power a zero hold to increase and decrease the value of any integer in the number system when placed on either of the sides of any integer of the number system.

Principle of Zero & its co-relation in raising money

Zero or Sunya in Sanskrit ultimately means ” nothing”,  “empty”,  or “void” both from numerical as well as philosophical perspectives.  Perhaps it is this principle of nothingness that has revolutionized the world of mathematics and thereby open up lots of possibilities in mathematical calculations, this brings us to our first principle of zero;

  1. Zero = nothing and where there exists nothing there exists the possibility, just like on an empty sheet of paper there is a possibility of penning distinct ideas. Ideas that can have the potential to branch out in as many spheres of life as you wish or desire. This possibility to be different and to create ideas for ourselves and for others, revolutionize the system we are working into. This principle of zero as a possibility to create is what we called a trendsetter or game changer in the world of economy. Personalities like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are prime examples who testify principle of possibility. These personalities literally had nothing but the possibility to think out of – the – box and create something revolutionary that could take the world by surprise, and voila! Today we are the biggest consumers and admirers of the output of these out-of-the-box thinkers. I know, this sounds cliché and also must be seen as a theory easier said than done until I bring forth to you the second principle of Zero i.e., Zero = desire.
  2. Zero= desire. Desire and nothingness[zero] have an ancient relationship. It is for the desire for light that cave humans discovered the fire. It is for the desire for food ancient people learned to farm. It is for the desire for exploration the wheels were inverted and it was for the desire to fly airplanes that were invented. In the state of nothingness, it is the desire that becomes a tool to create, hence it is not wrong to say that the first principle of possibility is impossible or non-functional without the second one. If this made you think that everything starts from desire then let me tell you this is not the case and you to probably will agree with me when I bring to you the inception of the Principle of Zero. Without this initial principle, the above-mentioned other two principles are ineffective. So here presenting the root of the Principles of Zero, Zero= Hope.
  3. Zero = hope that there exists something in nothing. In nothingness lies hope. When we are left with nothing that we are only left with hope. If this hope is channelized in the proper proportion to our passion, desire, and direction, we definitely will have a transforming result like those of trendsetters.

Zero on a surface level might seem to have no value but when we look at a deeper level zero holds the potential to transform the entire world as we have talked about a while ago. For ages, it is the sense of nothingness that has led to the path-breaking discovery in every sector of society so how can the financial sector be left untouched.?After reading the book – How the rich invest with no money by Andy Taner, I not only got the confidence that I too can raise money with zero money but also realized that to raise the money you don’t need money but an idea that most of the time crop up out of nothingness. When you read through this book you will find it as a step-by-step guide with an appealing instance on a surface level that gives the feel to any reader that I too can do it but when you re-read it one can sense an appealing philosophical ideology that how I learned my first lesson of Financial literacy of- ” The value of zero is infinite.” When in nothingness one hopes with desire they open themselves to possibilities and ideas and it is at this moment magic unfolds and takes the world by surprise.

Before we conclude this chapter, I want to bring this to your attention, have you noticed any connection between the above-mentioned three Principles of Zero? All three of them connected in a loop. No matter if you start from the top or bottom you are sure to reap the benefits in terms of financial knowledge both theoretically and practically.

The above-mentioned ideas and Principles are based on my readings and interpretations. I am of the opinion that the exchange of ideas and learning helps society to grow intellectually therefore I look forward to your view on my first lesson on Financial Literacy- The Value of zero is infinite. 

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