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Stay hungry, Stay foolish. Sounds inspiring right? It’s no surprise to hear such inspiring thoughts coming from the most influential personality like Steve Jobs. but here, I would want you to take a pause and reflect on these questions; Is it so natural for an influential personality to come up with such inspiring thoughts as the one mentioned above? Do these personalities have the storehouse of such inspiring words? Have you ever imagined what must have led him to mention these historic words, Stay hungry, Stay foolish, which he had read in the publication ‘ The Whole Earth Catalogue.’ while addressing the graduates at the graduation ceremony?

Well, till you take your time to reflect upon these questions and are willing to share your views with us about the same in the comment section below, I would want to share my perspective about it. In my opinion,  two possible factors might have led Steve Jobs to mention the historic and inspiring words which he had happened to read in the publication of The Whole Earth Catalogue.’

  1. The belief, learning is a lifelong process.
  2. His will to accept new learning even though they challenged his previous learnings.

Well, there is nothing more for me to emphasize or elaborate on the first factor because it’s a universal truth that’s how life is, right? And that’s why we tend to say or hear, life never stops teaching you so you must never stop learning. Whereas the second factor is concerned, it is quite tricky and why am I saying this because this second factor tends to contradict the very first factor. I know this might sound ambiguous. Let me simplify it by giving an instance; we all are aware of the fact that for a healthy mind and body, a disciplined and healthy lifestyle is essential but how many of us are successful in bringing this preaching into practice? For a good night’s sleep? 

Coming back to how this argument is related to Steve Jobs’s context.  Steve Jobs was aware of the fact that no matter how successful he become, the moment he stops learning he will be doomed to failure, therefore, he made it a point to always keep learning. Or else how do you keep Coming across the post or blogs stating books highly recommended by Steves jobs? This is not the case in the context of Steves jobs you might have come across the same post and blogs about many other successful personalities like Bill Gates, Mr. Ratan Tata, and many more.

Learning always opens up an avenue that many a time proves to be shocking and challenging. Now this might sounds hurtful. Don’t worry, it’s a natural reaction and when we take it with a pinch of salt learning g becomes easy as we surpass the first stage of the learning process and that is willing to accept the new learning even though it challenges our previous learning. Now talking in the context of Steve Jobs, he willingly accepted the new learning, and when he was successful in doing that learning started to resonate with him and that’s how he was reminded of those words (which have gained the status of historic and inspiring words)  at the graduation ceremony while addressing the graduates.

The point that I want to make here is, the very first step in the learning process is acceptance, or rather willingness to accept the very fact that the previous learning is subjected to change and the courage to take in the new learning.  The irony is, many of us get stuck in this first process thus making the learning process difficult or to an extent next to impossible. 

The only way to get past the first step of the learning process is, to always remember that learning is a lifelong process so never run away from it and have the courage to practice what you preach.

Learning is a versatile Avenue. No matter which platform you sort to learn from, you are sure to reap beneficial results. The most promising sources or platforms that I vouch for are Amazon Kindle and at times audible. I find this platform so organized and user-friendly that I don’t end up wasting my time browsing, I just enter the keywords that I want to read about in the search engines and within a few seconds, the list of the books is presented right before you. 

If you still wish to narrow down your search to save your precious time my blogs might come to your help because each of my blogs is the outcome of my learning and I make a point to mention the source of information, and products of my learning to deliver a piece of transparent and authentic information. This way you might save time and land up to the information, source, or product that might prove to be a great help to you in a long run. To get notified about the same do subscribe to my blogs.

Happy Learning! Happy Reading!

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