Fundamentals of raising money- Book-1

Cover page of a book named- Fundamentals of raising  money- Book-1. The cover page is in Lime Green color, with a picture of stacks of money on it.

No money is the problem.

More money is the problem.

In both scenarios being equipped with #financialliteracy is the only solution.

At this time when the whole economy is in the bubble of recession as can be seen with the layoff policies adopted by most of the companies. Time is ticking by and predictions are going around that this bubble will burst anytime in the near future or maybe the process has already started.

Experts and investors are keeping an eye on the market health conditions so as to look for risk hedge investment options. I have heard from financial literacy advocates that in the time of burst, investments in learning can only prove to be a hedge against these unstable market situations because financial literacy unravels the hidden nuances of finance that have most probably been overlooked by most of us.

Real education starts after school because life is the ultimate teacher. Why bother about learning and schooling or per se investing in learning? Believe it or not, learning is our biggest asset. There is no freedom without knowledge and discipline. Fundamentals of raising money — Book-1 is a small contribution to this altruistic initiative of financial literacy. The only motive behind the existence of this book is to bring forth the importance of financial literacy and the need to equip oneself with financial literacy therefore we are happy to provide this book free of charge.

Who’s this book for?

This book is for someone who wants ;

  • To take charge of their finance.
  • To become financially independent.
  • To know the secret of investment.
  • To become confident with their investments.
  • To learn the magic of asset building.
  • To know the secret behind positive cash flow of income.

‘Take charge of the concerns that matter to you the most, like mental and physical health and of course finance’- this is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned from life so far. It feels so optimistic to see and hear that people have started taking the charge of mental and physical health in their own hands but somewhere we pay no heed to financial literacy and therefore most of the time it is taken for granted. Nevertheless, with an optimistic outlook, we still can make a difference by taking the first step of equipping ourselves with financial literacy. If you too want to start your journey on the path of financial literacy, why not, start from Fundamentals of raising money- Book-1 which covers the root level topics of finance and hence can prove to be a great start to your financial literacy journey.

I promise you are sure to take away an enriched financial learning experience.

Happy Reading!

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