Intentions are so very tied with Actions

Intentions can be sensed. They cooperate with the actions very well. They are in so sync with each other that a simple touch can tell the motive behind such a gesture. Perhaps that’s why it’s been said, action speaks louder than words.

Hold on to each other.

Everyone has their own battle to fight. Fighting is the only way to survive. Surviving seems to be hard at this time. Timing is supposed to be blamed for that? Time is constant like change. It has no effect on the human race. It does what it’s supposed to do. Sweeping over the nation RacingContinue reading “Hold on to each other.”


IMAGE SOURCE: pixabay Stepping into the world of woods. Swinging with the tall standing troops. Listening to the rustling leaves. Dancing to the whistling breeze. Hearing the chirping, buzzing, humming, churring, rustling, whistling, singing. Losing self to the fresh earthy and woody scent. I have encountered the whole new world. Of all the places IContinue reading “SOUND OF WOODS”

Glass Heart.

Glass heart is so special one to keep. Translucent enough as nothing is there to hide. Brave enough to turn the broken glass heart into the diamond of the night sky. Pure enough to believe that true love still exists. Glass heart is this beautiful!

Dil aur Dimag ?

Dil aur dimag One favors love, Other favour logic Clash between two always results in tragedy. So far no one is able to make out, Should one choose head over heart or should one go the other way around? This dilemma of Dil aur dimag has cost many lives. Some have lost their jobs  SomeContinue reading “Dil aur Dimag ?”

The quintessential Love Story

Image credit : Sun and moon, The most coveted lover of town.  Got separated by the envious crowd.  Coz as compared to their love, no match Found.  Hence sun was made in-charge of light   And the moon was forced to brighten the night.  Little did they know,   True love is never bound to subjection.Continue reading “The quintessential Love Story”


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