what is love forever?
Love forever is when the love for someone goes beyond terms and conditions, obsessions and mortal dimensions.


First- Believe that setbacks are temporary and are just speed breakers. Second: Mindset to look past the setbacks. Third: Courage to convince oneself that I still can do it. Fourth : Plan of actions. Boom! The journey of revival has started although the pace is slow at least it has begun. To get started isContinue reading “4- STEPS TO BOUNCE BACK”

To lie or not is a ?

The fact is I can lie to anyone and anybody Before that I have to lie to the person dear to me. Can’t afford to lose that one to lie Coz it’s no one else but I.


VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM Here’s a piece of love from me to thee. Coz you to me you are not someone distant Instead, we are one big family. Though divided by continents and seas never forget we share the same spirit Of LOVE. No matter how far we stay from each other. Love is capable of conqueringContinue reading “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM”


REMEMBER Destruction doesn’t take time Creation does… Now everything seems to be a destruction. Here’s an opportunity to seek a solution. Many might not be aware of this relation, If it strike to you, wait not plunge into the process of creation. Stop not Drop not How grave or bleak the situation seems to be.Continue reading “REMEMBER…….”

Heal the World

Ever wondered  Why do we all have a life worth living? Why is the world still existing? In Spite of all the disasters. In Spite of the bouts of hatred. In spite of all the illusions we all are so different. Answer lies in the act of LOVE and KINDNESS. Inspired from – Heal theContinue reading “Heal the World”

What an irony!

What an irony! The thing of abundance Freely available to us once Now has become a privilege. What an irony! The thing easily accessible Spread across the nature once Now has reduced to an extent that it has to be looked for human existence. What an irony! A thing such a gift from mother natureContinue reading “What an irony!”

Intentions are so very tied with Actions

Intentions can be sensed. They cooperate with the actions very well. They are in so sync with each other that a simple touch can tell the motive behind such a gesture. Perhaps that’s why it’s been said, action speaks louder than words.


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