Life happens in Present

Past is dark as it has already been lived. Do not look at it. Future seems dark as it is yet to be lived. Do not struggle to know before you are ready to reach. Present glows with light as it is here an opportunity to prepare for the future which is until now hiddenContinue reading “Life happens in Present”

26th January – Constitution Day

26th January, Constitution day – a day celebrated with fervent. Why shouldn’t we? For it’s a day  assured millions of Indians to be free and be the patron of the nation in the cause of its development. A day  assured power is with you to live together peacefully. A day assured us the status ofContinue reading “26th January – Constitution Day”

Seasons – Reason for Celebration.

This year is not the same, is it? It seems seasons have lost their way I guess that’s why winter and rains were clueless whether to go or stay? O, what intense mood swings! Whom to blame? __________ Today marks the end of winter solstice. Time to welcome and embrace the warmth. Let’s embrace ourContinue reading “Seasons – Reason for Celebration.”

Who say stars can only be found in the night sky?

  Who say stars can only be found in the night sky? How about seeing them during the day time? No, don’t look up but below the ground. In the water, millions to be found. Just wait for the sun to kiss the sea. There you go, the stars will appear to greet thee.

Winter calls for thoda (little) more love 

Winter calls for thoda (little) more love  to make up for the absence of warmth. So what do you do? You snuggle, embrace the love if you have one.  If you have none  No worries you are sure to find in the realm of words Where love is waiting for you to embrace and snuggle.Continue reading “Winter calls for thoda (little) more love “


Having a boyfriend means so much Coz it’s the one who stays by you in your thick and thin. Just then my inner self did somersault  And told me, you too have a boyfriend-girl. This inner voice has brought the fact to light  And made me say- “Yes I have a boyfriend who has alwaysContinue reading “AN ODE TO MY BOYFRIEND”