Reason and Season of celebration

image credit: Photo by Prachi Palwe on Unsplash With the northern hemisphere greeting the sun once again. And giving us the illusion, the sun is in uttarayan. Here comes the reason and season, To dwell into the warmth of kindness. To spread love, joy and merriment. To enjoy the feast of the labor, done inContinue reading “Reason and Season of celebration”

Magic is about to happen.

Magic is about to happen. I have heard from bright twinkling stars. I have seen in the colourful lights  and in every glistening eyes. I have sensed it in every winter scent and in every cold breeze, gushing as if singing a song of merriment. I have smelled it in every home’s dishes. Fun fact!Continue reading “Magic is about to happen.”

An encounter with Culture.

I am in love with culture, I would rather say cultures. I get to embrace them equally. The best part is, it  never complains. Tasting each of them is such an experience! Voila! This is the reason for culture being so liberal. Going by the fact,  we always experience the things that are abstract. That’sContinue reading “An encounter with Culture.”


When mind is feeble And filled with the urge to hurt our very own nation Either by plotting against nation’s security Or by snatching someone’s right to life. TRICOLOUR at sight. Hope to set everything right. As it’s a reflection of our nation’s pride sacrifice Who only lived and is been living Just for theContinue reading “TO OUR NATIONS’ PRIDE”


When AMAVAS (New Moon) night was lamenting, “Why  am I so dark and considered a devil?” It’s then with the coming of Lord Rama to his abode, the same night was illuminated by the thousands of “Diya lights.” Darkness was engulfed by the radiant people’s unison. There were cheers,laughter and celebration. Devil is not inContinue reading “HAPPY DIWALI”


Recently I realized, smile heals. So keep the chain of this healing smile going. Share the smile, maybe we can make someone’s day. Maybe we can become the reason for someone’s smile. Maybe we can save someone’s life. Maybe we can make someone realise that we are with you. Let’s make our contribution count inContinue reading “SMILE HEALS”

KARMA of a lousy fickle mind

A lousy fickle mind was proud of its badass crime. So absorbed in its malicious act  to satisfy its selfishness. Stupid fellow didn’t realize its own foolishness. Deeply drunk into its pernicious performance. Forgot GOOD always WINS over EVIL. No one came to its rescue this time, albeit left alone. That’s how KARMA intertwined andContinue reading “KARMA of a lousy fickle mind”