Sunshine 🌞🌻

Darkness hover over the sky, Giving the illusion of, its all dull and dry. Sometimes it cast the impression so deep within us. We tend to forget the fact, ‘NOTHING REMAINS PERMANENT.’ Let’s span our vision towards the dark clouds again. Look! What the sun is doing? Unfolding the shady veil. Peeping through the cloudyContinue reading “Sunshine 🌞🌻”


They say,’History repeats itself,’ which to an extent might be true. As in,wrath of pandemic crisis, struck human kind once in every hundred years. Be it, 1720 β€” Plague; 1820 β€” Cholera outbreak; 1920 β€” Spanish flu; 2020 β€” Chinese coronavirus. Yet,human kind proved their mettle, as we saw each Pandemic life span was shorterContinue reading “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.”


United by nation,divided by faith. What a combination of boon and bane! I have heard, riots, violence and difference of opinions are the reasons for bloodshed, and it’s the diverse unity that brings about the peace. It always made me wonder, Is only unity in diversity keeping our nation intact? Or there is something elseContinue reading “#HUMANITY IN DIVERSITY”

Dangerous weapon

We humans carry the most dangerous weapon. It remain with us 24/7. As believed,we are blessed to have it. I would say, that’s the only point of difference between us and other spieces. Prolonged thinking brought me to this inference. It’s our thinking ability that worked in our preference. Still wondering, how this weapon isContinue reading “Dangerous weapon”

Epistle to fear

Hello Mr. Fear, You being an abstract feeling of sort, Can shake the person to the core of the thought. I have seen your every shade in the past. You have the power that long forΒ  last. Yes, I admit, I once got caught into your hold, anxiety, panic, doubts,bouts of hallucinations.(Your highly anticipated offspring)Continue reading “Epistle to fear”