Fundamentals of raising money- Book-1

No money is the problem. More money is the problem. In both scenarios being equipped with #financialliteracy is the only solution. At this time when the whole economy is in the bubble of recession as can be seen with the layoff policies adopted by most of the companies. Time is ticking by and predictions areContinue reading “Fundamentals of raising money- Book-1”

An Epistle to Rejection

This one is purely for the love of my passion for[writing and the faith in the power of words.] Dear Rejection, I sincerely thank you for not choosing me, for every NO from your end led me on the quest to: Discover more Read more. (most important of all.) Explore more Act more Move more.Continue reading “An Epistle to Rejection”

War and its side-effect

Believe it or not, war is the prime example of our interdependence and connectedness not as an individual entity but as a nation.Isn’t it bizarre, that a thing that is a source of destruction can become the source to reflect our nature of connections (we share with each other as a nation.) provided we allow ourselves toContinue reading “War and its side-effect”

1st step towards upgrading the syllabus of life.

Time has changed so have living principles. Close introspections of the experiences of my life have helped me to update the syllabus of my life. Yes, updating the syllabus of life.   Isn’t it funny that we never consider updating the syllabus of our life with the change in time. The way education syllabus needsContinue reading “1st step towards upgrading the syllabus of life.”

What If?

“Being born out of five elements, we hold in ourselves whole universe. One who dare to walk the path of courage can recognize their real strength.”  -Vinita. Pal What If ? is a short fictional tale about courage and self discovery. This short fictional tale will take you on the mystical journey where you will happenContinue reading “What If?”

8-REASONS TO WATCH CINDERELLA – 2021.(#Amazon Prime)

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliated links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. As we all know #cinderella story has undergone a number of the re- creational journeys since its inception so the question is – howContinue reading “8-REASONS TO WATCH CINDERELLA – 2021.(#Amazon Prime)”

In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems

I am pleased to present to you all the fruit of my very first venture in the writing arena as a poet. Here presenting, In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems, for me it’s a unique Collection of Poems, unique in a sense all the poems in this collection are based onContinue reading “In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems”