About Me

Lord Buddha

Hello World!

This is Vinita. Pal. aka. #vinipens, a passionate poetess and a staunch believer of the Magic of Words. Love for magical words and poetry has taught me to view life from a different lens, thereby always providing an opportunity to display creative pieces of literature.

My motive for opening up this space are:-

  1. Share positive and affirming ideas through my verses with the reader and literary community.
  2. To admire, appreciate and cherish literature.
  3. To connect with the reader and literary communities to collaborate and share the aesthetic richness of literature.
  4. Last but not least it provides evidence that words do have the magic to make the world a beautiful place to live.

Perks of visiting my site:

  1. Find a great companion of all your time in literature.
  2. An opportunity to encounter diverse perspectives.
  3. Comforting and affirming words are always to your rescue.

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