Prelude to Financial Literacy Learning.

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Stay hungry, Stay foolish. Sounds inspiring right? It’s no surprise to hear such inspiring thoughts coming from the most influential personality like Steve Jobs. but here, I would want you to take a pause and reflect on these questions; Is it so natural for an influential personality to come up with such inspiring thoughts as the one mentioned above? Do these personalities have the storehouse of such inspiring words? Have you ever imagined what must have led him to mention these historic words, Stay hungry, Stay foolish, which he had read in the publication ‘ The Whole Earth Catalogue.’ while addressing the graduates at the graduation ceremony?

Well, till you take your time to reflect upon these questions and are willing to share your views with us about the same in the comment section below, I would want to share my perspective about it. In my opinion,  two possible factors might have led Steve Jobs to mention the historic and inspiring words which he had happened to read in the publication of The Whole Earth Catalogue.’

  1. The belief, learning is a lifelong process.
  2. His will to accept new learning even though they challenged his previous learnings.

Well, there is nothing more for me to emphasize or elaborate on the first factor because it’s a universal truth that’s how life is, right? And that’s why we tend to say or hear, life never stops teaching you so you must never stop learning. Whereas the second factor is concerned, it is quite tricky and why am I saying this because this second factor tends to contradict the very first factor. I know this might sound ambiguous. Let me simplify it by giving an instance; we all are aware of the fact that for a healthy mind and body, a disciplined and healthy lifestyle is essential but how many of us are successful in bringing this preaching into practice? For a good night’s sleep? 

Coming back to how this argument is related to Steve Jobs’s context.  Steve Jobs was aware of the fact that no matter how successful he become, the moment he stops learning he will be doomed to failure, therefore, he made it a point to always keep learning. Or else how do you keep Coming across the post or blogs stating books highly recommended by Steves jobs? This is not the case in the context of Steves jobs you might have come across the same post and blogs about many other successful personalities like Bill Gates, Mr. Ratan Tata, and many more.

Learning always opens up an avenue that many a time proves to be shocking and challenging. Now this might sounds hurtful. Don’t worry, it’s a natural reaction and when we take it with a pinch of salt learning g becomes easy as we surpass the first stage of the learning process and that is willing to accept the new learning even though it challenges our previous learning. Now talking in the context of Steve Jobs, he willingly accepted the new learning, and when he was successful in doing that learning started to resonate with him and that’s how he was reminded of those words (which have gained the status of historic and inspiring words)  at the graduation ceremony while addressing the graduates.

The point that I want to make here is, the very first step in the learning process is acceptance, or rather willingness to accept the very fact that the previous learning is subjected to change and the courage to take in the new learning.  The irony is, many of us get stuck in this first process thus making the learning process difficult or to an extent next to impossible. 

The only way to get past the first step of the learning process is, to always remember that learning is a lifelong process so never run away from it and have the courage to practice what you preach.

Learning is a versatile Avenue. No matter which platform you sort to learn from, you are sure to reap beneficial results. The most promising sources or platforms that I vouch for are Amazon Kindle and at times audible. I find this platform so organized and user-friendly that I don’t end up wasting my time browsing, I just enter the keywords that I want to read about in the search engines and within a few seconds, the list of the books is presented right before you. 

If you still wish to narrow down your search to save your precious time my blogs might come to your help because each of my blogs is the outcome of my learning and I make a point to mention the source of information, and products of my learning to deliver a piece of transparent and authentic information. This way you might save time and land up to the information, source, or product that might prove to be a great help to you in a long run. To get notified about the same do subscribe to my blogs.

Happy Learning! Happy Reading!

Financial literacy lesson no – 1

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliated links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

The value of (0) is Infinite.
- Vinita. Pal

History of Zero

You might be wondering what zero has to do with finance, right? Give me a moment and allow me to show you the versatility of zero and its deep connection with finance. Let us revisit history to know what exactly zero stands for and understand the true role of zero in our day-to-day life. Zero as a mathematical concept is as old as time. Babylonians used zero as a placeholder for a base-10 number and Romans used it as a symbol for a lack of quantity. This means that for a long time zero was used and seen as a sideline factor and was considered to have the only purpose to fill the empty gaps in any calculation operations until ancient Indian Mathematician, Shri Brahmagupta pointed out the significant power of zero (Sunyata in Sanskrit) to divide (positive integers) which was referred as ‘fortune’ with (negative) which was referred as ‘debt’ and also by bringing it in use as a mainstream number and highlighting the immense power a zero hold to increase and decrease the value of any integer in the number system when placed on either of the sides of any integer of the number system.

Principle of Zero & its co-relation in raising money

Zero or Sunya in Sanskrit ultimately means ” nothing”,  “empty”,  or “void” both from numerical as well as philosophical perspectives.  Perhaps it is this principle of nothingness that has revolutionized the world of mathematics and thereby open up lots of possibilities in mathematical calculations, this brings us to our first principle of zero;

  1. Zero = nothing and where there exists nothing there exists the possibility, just like on an empty sheet of paper there is a possibility of penning distinct ideas. Ideas that can have the potential to branch out in as many spheres of life as you wish or desire. This possibility to be different and to create ideas for ourselves and for others, revolutionize the system we are working into. This principle of zero as a possibility to create is what we called a trendsetter or game changer in the world of economy. Personalities like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are prime examples who testify principle of possibility. These personalities literally had nothing but the possibility to think out of – the – box and create something revolutionary that could take the world by surprise, and voila! Today we are the biggest consumers and admirers of the output of these out-of-the-box thinkers. I know, this sounds cliché and also must be seen as a theory easier said than done until I bring forth to you the second principle of Zero i.e., Zero = desire.
  2. Zero= desire. Desire and nothingness[zero] have an ancient relationship. It is for the desire for light that cave humans discovered the fire. It is for the desire for food ancient people learned to farm. It is for the desire for exploration the wheels were inverted and it was for the desire to fly airplanes that were invented. In the state of nothingness, it is the desire that becomes a tool to create, hence it is not wrong to say that the first principle of possibility is impossible or non-functional without the second one. If this made you think that everything starts from desire then let me tell you this is not the case and you to probably will agree with me when I bring to you the inception of the Principle of Zero. Without this initial principle, the above-mentioned other two principles are ineffective. So here presenting the root of the Principles of Zero, Zero= Hope.
  3. Zero = hope that there exists something in nothing. In nothingness lies hope. When we are left with nothing that we are only left with hope. If this hope is channelized in the proper proportion to our passion, desire, and direction, we definitely will have a transforming result like those of trendsetters.

Zero on a surface level might seem to have no value but when we look at a deeper level zero holds the potential to transform the entire world as we have talked about a while ago. For ages, it is the sense of nothingness that has led to the path-breaking discovery in every sector of society so how can the financial sector be left untouched.?After reading the book – How the rich invest with no money by Andy Taner, I not only got the confidence that I too can raise money with zero money but also realized that to raise the money you don’t need money but an idea that most of the time crop up out of nothingness. When you read through this book you will find it as a step-by-step guide with an appealing instance on a surface level that gives the feel to any reader that I too can do it but when you re-read it one can sense an appealing philosophical ideology that how I learned my first lesson of Financial literacy of- ” The value of zero is infinite.” When in nothingness one hopes with desire they open themselves to possibilities and ideas and it is at this moment magic unfolds and takes the world by surprise.

Before we conclude this chapter, I want to bring this to your attention, have you noticed any connection between the above-mentioned three Principles of Zero? All three of them connected in a loop. No matter if you start from the top or bottom you are sure to reap the benefits in terms of financial knowledge both theoretically and practically.

The above-mentioned ideas and Principles are based on my readings and interpretations. I am of the opinion that the exchange of ideas and learning helps society to grow intellectually therefore I look forward to your view on my first lesson on Financial Literacy- The Value of zero is infinite. 

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Smile lost and found

Have you seen my smile?

 I have been looking for it for a long time.

 It has gone missing,

 I don’t know  How, When, & Why? 

 Will you help me look for it?

 Should I look for it among the green grasses?

 Or is it to be found playing with dancing butterflies?

 Should I look for its traces along the long green trees standing in a row?

 Or has it been racing with the winds blowing?

 Do you think the snow-clad mountains will tell its path when asked?

 Or should I look along the flowing streams for it might have left its watermark?

 Wait! Let me hear the whispering grounds,

 who knows they might be knowing about my smile’s whereabouts.

 Looked everywhere, nowhere to be found.

 O! How much I earn to see my smile.

 Having nothing to do but sit back and reflect.

 Recalling all the encounters I have had in search of my smile,

 I realized an upward curve surfaced on my face.

 That’s how I found my lost smile which had given me a miss for a while.

 This is the end of the story, “Smile lost and found.”

An Epistle to Rejection

This one is purely for the love of my passion for[writing and the faith in the power of words.]

Dear Rejection,
I sincerely thank you for not choosing me, for every NO from your end led me on the quest to:
Discover more
Read more. (most important of all.)
Explore more
Act more
Move more.

Therefore, thank you for backing me. I will never let your efforts go in vain for I know, the quest that I have embarked upon will lead me to a far better place than I am now.

Yours ardent Pal,

War and its side-effect

Believe it or not, war is the prime example of our interdependence and connectedness not as an individual entity but as a nation.
Isn’t it bizarre, that a thing that is a source of destruction can become the source to reflect our nature of connections (we share with each other as a nation.) provided we allow ourselves to be flexible enough to look through different lenses?
Following are the levels of our connectedness:
– People
– Policies
– Trade
– Culture
– Customs
– Ideas
– Innovations
– Resources
– Finance.
[These are just a few from my end if you have more points worth adding to the list feel free to do so in the comments section below. Let’s find out our levels in terms of connectedness and interdependence.]

Don’t trust me. Look back in history.
Why are things the way they are? Is it because of the phenomenon: –
“It’s in their loss we come to realize the value and importance of their existence.”

I admit, somewhere I too have fallen for this phenomenon until now. It is after introspection, I have come to realize, that it’s a high price we pay to lose the one who is dear to us.

This brings me to ask myself 2 questions;
1. Is it worth going by this phenomenon?
2. Can we do it the other way around?

What is your say about this?

1st step towards upgrading the syllabus of life.

Time has changed so have living principles. Close introspections of the experiences of my life have helped me to update the syllabus of my life. Yes, updating the syllabus of life.


Isn’t it funny that we never consider updating the syllabus of our life with the change in time. The way education syllabus needs to be updated with the change in time so as to incorporate the lessons that best suits that time. There is a dire need to update the syllabus of life too. Let me tell you this, this task is equally complex and challenging as upgrading or updating any educational syllabus at the same time it’s an ongoing process, so do not expect this to be a one time job.


Having said that, the first principle that I am determined to update in my syllabus of life lessons is from first YOU before Me to first ME before YOU. This might seems and sound so crude and mean therefore let me put it in this way:

You are never too good for everyone, especially when you switch from YOU first to ME first.


You will be seen as selfish and will be loath for being the same.


It’s completely ok to feel guilty and betrayed. 


Don’t try to brush away these feelings coz the more you tussle the more you suffer.


Be still and see those feelings disappear.


Having done the cleansing process, understand two blind can never be able to show each other the path.


If the care for others is genuine then ME first is not the selfish act.


Without healing yourself first you won’t be able to help others well.


So it’s ok to prioritize self without thinking will I be a villain? Any which ways I am sure you already are one in the story of someone else, right?


This is just a step forward and I expect more to add in my list of updated syllabus of my life.


If you too have decided upon updating the principles in your syllabus of life or you have already done it feel free to share here. Who knows we might end up with a basket full of such upgraded principles of life which in turn serve as a guidance for a huge community.


Letter to future self

Dear Vini,

This is me, your older version. When you will hold this letter you might wonder why have I written a letter to myself? You will find the answer as you read the future. I do believe , by now  you are living the life that you always dreamt off. If you do so, no one would be as proud of you as me.


OK I will not prolong the wait, here is why I have written a letter to you. It’s because of the time that I am writing to you. Do you remember those two gruesome years of lockdown [2019-2021]. I do believe you do. The devastating year! The year which was not less than the apocalypse. Just mentioning those years brings back those flashes of pain, sufferings and helplessness. Although you were fortunate to survive that apocalyptic pandemic it still left a deep impression on you in a way it left you with some real life lessons.


As we all know, how volatile a human memory is. It is capable of storing the magnanimous events of life but always tends to overlook the minute information. I do hope you will agree to this and the real life lessons come under this category. You are not to be blamed for this coz over time new memories veil the older ones(Which is to an extent good for human survival.) but I don’t want you to forget them which is why this letter is in existence.


I really want you to remember that Pandemic [COVID-19] havoc on the world initiated in December -2019 and lasted till the year of 2021.

  • I want you to remember the crisis that the entire world had to go through.
  • I want you to remember how countries all across the world were forced to close their doors as a result of which they had to bear the brunt of a failing economy.
  • I want you to remember the helplessness of humankind where we witnessed the horrifying scenes of mass human deaths and the non ritualistic way of the disposition of those dead bodies.
  • I want you to remember the events which were way beyond our belief such as closure of various firms and institutes like school and the opening up of the digital platform, thus making you believe that there is always and always a ray of hope even in the darkest of the time. So  never lose hope.
  • I want you to remember that cruel, odd time that made us humans more compassionate and sensitive towards each other, especially towards elderly and homeless.
  • I want you to remember, even in the gravest of the time a simple smile can be a source of happiness.
  • I want you to remember, being kind is always a great weapon to fight against any form of cruel situations.
  • I want you to remember, it’s good to care for others but it’s much better to value yourself and take care of your mental health first because then only you will be able to care for others.
  • I want you to remember, no human or their profession is greater than the other. Each of them come with their own values and expertise so always pay respect and tribute to all of them.
  • I want you to remember to observe things closely as there is always the other side of the story.
  • I want you to remember that the happy times are the ones that we  spend with our near and dear ones.
  • I want you to remember to always keep exploring yourself and never limit yourself on the basis of what others think .
  • I want you to remember, life is unpredictable as it has always been therefore remember to KEEP CALM, BREATHE, and GO WITH THE FLOW.


 I do know you will thank me for writing this letter to you because this is an archive that I am leaving for you and it will remind you of your ability to face any situation with courage and kindness.


Yours old yet contemplative version,


Once upon a time…..

Once upon a time,

Sea used to sing.

Rustling of the leaves

used to cheer up the surroundings.

Gushing of the breeze was a peck on the cheeks.

Soil used to whisper tales of the ages.

What a magic of human and nature co-existence!


No more the sea sings as its throat is choked with plastics.

No more the leaves swing to cheer up our surroundings as they are the victims of mindless slaughtering.

No more can we feel the peck on our cheeks as the breeze has been replaced by  waves of the heat.

I say, this is the result of intolerance to coexistence.

What do you think can be done to give  this story a happy ending?


Ladakh – A Travel Diary…..

Ladakh, the land at high altitude

has beauty to all its extent.

From magnificent ancient emerald Indus river

To its vibrant peace loving culture.

People, places of worship, prayer flags and prayer wheels

are epitome of serenity and bliss.


Its huge mountains cradles its people.

Nourish them by providing them food, clothing and protection.


No doubt, Ladakh is truly a mixture of culture and science.

Leading by example and showing the world,

creation is far more beautiful when these two works hand in hand.

Need is just to understand the magic of 3Hs

Let the HEAD be backed by science.

While taking from nature, let the HANDS be wise.

While creating, let the HEART be your guide.

It is then life can survive.


I have felt you……………..

I have felt you holding my hand under the Stardust night.

I have felt you embracing me amidst the cold breeze caressing us at the vantage point.

I have felt you whispering tales in my ears  at the ancient sites.

I felt you near the gurgling river sitting beside me 

and when you let my head rest on your shoulder, 

was the moment I always prize.

I have felt you in every essence of my life.