What If?

“Being born out of five elements,

we hold in ourselves whole universe.

One who dare to walk the path of courage

can recognize their real strength.”

 -Vinita. Pal

What If ? is a short fictional tale about courage and self discovery. This short fictional tale will take you on the mystical journey where you will happen to meet universal spirit guides who will show you how courage can lead to the path to self discovery.

What’s so special about this book?

This book is all about words. These are not just random words but a magical one.  Magic is in the way words have been curated and designed to hold the magical powers.

Why you should have this book ?

  • If words comfort you this book is for you 
  • If words make you believe in love, this book is for you .
  • If you believe words in any way inspire you and your life this book is for you.
  • If you believe words can influence your destiny for good this book is for you.
  • If you believe words in any way, come to your rescue, give you solace then this book is for you.

Don’t believe me, Give words a chance.

Words of caution before you get this book for yourself.

  1. Own it with affection,
  2. Read it with passion,
  3. Feel it with compassion.

Do follow these guidelines to experience the magic because without involvement a beautiful journey appears to be boring so how magic will seem real without involvement. Am I correct?

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#War is not for you and me

War is blind

Doesn’t spare an adult, old and a child.

Brutally devour the families, friends and the moments of happy times.


War is hazardous

Always seek for destruction

Doesn’t value blood, bread and the safety of the nation.


War is merciless.

Snatches the upcoming generations’ dreams.

Scatters mindlessly every resource and chances to flourish.


War is inhumane.

Robs the basic necessity of life.

Force lives to struggle for food, clothing and shelter.


War is a snatcher of life.

Makes sure no one survives

Thereby depriving them of their right to life.


War in all the senses is neither for us nor for our beautiful mother land.

Therefore, for world peace , here I take a stand .

Love is not blind, love is wise.

They say, love is blind.

I say, it’s time to get this definition redefine

Why wait !

Let’s get to the facts straight.

Love is a divine gift to share

Not to use for one’s advantage.

You see, even the humble land shares her love till the time humans treat her with respect and care (and most importantly with her CONSENT.)

The moment she is taken for granted and used for advantage WITHOUT her CONSENT

 she turns hostile and wreaks havoc on earth.




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26th January – Constitution Day

26th January, Constitution day

a day celebrated with fervent.

Why shouldn’t we?

For it’s a day 

assured millions of Indians to be free and be the patron of the nation in the cause of its development.

A day 

assured power is with you to live together peacefully.

A day

assured us the status of human, free from slavery and discrimination.

A day 

assured us of our ” right to life.”

No one has the power to cheat you, ill treat you at any cost or price.

If you happen to cross paths with a treacherous mind.

CONSTITUTION says,” No fear, I am with you in your fight . Have faith in me and I will never let this free nation ever get in the hands of any tyrannical mind”

Seasons – Reason for Celebration.

This year is not the same, is it?

It seems seasons have lost their way

I guess that’s why winter and rains were clueless whether to go or stay?

O, what intense mood swings!

Whom to blame?


Today marks the end of winter solstice.

Time to welcome and embrace the warmth.

Let’s embrace our seasons first

And promise them,

I am responsible to you, seasons

And will make every efforts to help you save our ecosystem

For I have come to realize, you are the reason for celebration.