When the sun is slowly showing up over the horizon

and paint the world with its honey filled light-

The light that glitters like gold

and warmth as the mother’s hold.


Coz the honey filled light 

when kisses the skin

give a radiant gleam.

It is this radiance I cherish,

as no other cosmetic can give this.


Between Fear and Courage,

I met anxiety and calmness.

I chose calmness over anxiety,

Coz that’s the lesson muddy water taught me.

Trembling muddy water will never be purified,

only the steady one can show up clean and sparkling bright.

Between Fear and Courage.

I met pain and faith.

I chose faith over pain,

Coz that’s the lesson prayers have taught me.

Every prayer is an affirmation to face any shortcomings,

and every affirmation is an act of moving towards faith without any worries.

Between Fear and Courage,

I met doubts and confidence.

I chose confidence over doubts,

Coz that’s the lesson law of nature taught me.

The law of nature says, ” you are what you see and believe in.”

So, between Fear and Courage,

There will always be two paths,

One will lead to self-discovery and other to self-destruction.

It’s on us to choose wisely.

If caught in a dilemma and not in a state to decide,

just push yourself a little,

and remember the never give up stories of eminent personalities.

Thomas Edison(999times failure during the invention of the bulb.)

Mr. Bachchan (rejected by All India Radio) .

Countless examples are there to find,

just go back in the history and be wise while you decide.

A Journey named relationship,

A Journey named relationship,

Sees many moments of highs and lows.

A Journey which is not so perfect,

It never suppose to be.

Slowly and gradually unveiling each other strength and weaknesses,

and realizing this is how it suppose to be.

A Journey,

from disagreeing with each other to forgiving each other.

From misunderstanding to giving each other time to understand.

From yelling at each other to apologizing for making it go smooth further.

From cribbing over small issues to realizing how lucky to have each other as JEEVAN SAATHI.

I must say, no one can pull it through,

Better than who knows true love value.

Life journey of Ms.Alisha Choudhary

Life journey of Alisha choudhary gave me thought,

What if all beings come with their expiry card?

I know it’s so evil of me to say this,

But I have a reason for this remark so devilish.

Here, in this moment of carefree spree,

We have the tendency to procrastinate our dreams and enjoy being nosy.

What if the above notion would have been true.

Imagine the amount of chaos will brew.

Luckily it’s a mere notion not a reality,

The case was not the same for the fighter soul, Ms Alisha Choudhary.

Pain of knowing one’s expiry date is gruesome.

No doubt, she might have experienced the same on hearing about Pulmonary Fibrosis.

A girl fifteen years of age,

How did she manage to cope up with situation such  strange?

For that matter, if there would have been anyone else of her age,

Might have gone maniac with rage.

This might sound exaggerated to many.

The only thing that can prove my point is her work “LITTLE EPIPHANIES’’

The whole point in bringing this up over here,

Just to review the concept of death which is seen as a reality so severe.

The real culprit in robbing someone’s life is not the death,

It’s the agony,fear,anxiety that forces the being to depart.

The lesson is so simple yet profound.

All thanks to Ms, Alisha who taught me, “ Give a damn to pessimists in you that let you down.”

Love diary- 1

Being shackled up for a long time,

She let herself immersed in her enchanted wild.

Sitting by the calm river,cherishing the azure night.

A whole new world beholds her sight.

Millions of shining stars made her look divine like.

Dewy green grasses happily welcome her with smile,

When she leaned on her back and let herself kissed by the moisten bed spread wide.

Being satiated,she desired nothing more,

As it’s just her and nature making love and no one to oppose.



Now that you are in my hold,

doesn’t mean I am an owner and you are a thing to be owned.

Together we will sail in this journey of life.

Will survive all ups and downs by being each other side.

Let’s make a promise to reach out each other when hard times might come,
because we are not just lovers but each other support system and companion.
                                                                     (Inspired from Titanic movie.)

Sunshine 🌞🌻

Darkness hover over the sky,

Giving the illusion of, its all dull and dry.
Sometimes it cast the impression so deep within us.
We tend to forget the fact,
Let’s span our vision towards the dark clouds again.
Look! What the sun is doing?
Unfolding the shady veil.
Peeping through the cloudy windows with a gentle smile.
As if saying, “I am there for you, it’s your time to shine.”


They say,’History repeats itself,’

which to an extent might be true.
As in,wrath of pandemic crisis,
struck human kind once in every hundred years.
Be it,
1720 — Plague; 1820 — Cholera outbreak; 1920 — Spanish flu; 2020 — Chinese coronavirus.
Yet,human kind proved their mettle,
as we saw each Pandemic life span was shorter than its ancestors.
They say, ‘History repeats itself ‘
and forgot lessons from history can change the consequence.
Whites ruled our land for more than 200 years in disguise of traders.
Is this not what our history has taught us?
Possibilities says,‘History repeats itself’
This time might not be the whites but our north-eastern neighbours.
They say,‘History repeats itself,’

which to an extent might be true.

Don’t forget,lessons from history can change the consequence as power lies within me and you.