Meet my friend

Meet friend of mine.

Always seen in his black and white tuxedo that shines.
He is a great lover of fishes and squids.
What makes him cute is his tapered body and his webbed feet.
You won’t find him in the hot regions like this.
His home is far away somewhere, where the weather is cold and freezing.
With feet apart ,he walks side by side,
and that’s what make him a cutie pie.
You have seen moon walk,cat walk,it’s in fashion after all.
Try doing his waddle walk to prevent yourself from fall.
A great lesson I have learnt from his advice.
Try waddle walk on a surface which is as slippery as ice.
No, it’s not that we have  ever met each other.
It’s a bond purely based upon respect and care I deeply harbour.
So far ,I have seen him through visual medium.
I promise to make my way to reach to his kingdom.
Meeting him would be a great delight for me.
I know not, how the meeting will be.
One  thing for sure I would want to do,
just wanna embrace him and say, meet my friend Pingu.



mammoth, gigantic,a site.
Looks tempting, alluring to my eyes.
White, cold, misty and snowy,
would be an experience mind-blowing.
Snowclad mountains have a charm to hold,
when sunbeams kisses it’s lap and turned it into mirage of gold.
Oh! how it feels to lay under the sunkissed snow.
Serenity seeps in, living me look aglow.
So far it’s a dream I have cherished.
Not anymore, for I have heard Himalayas calling.

Stay home, Stay safe

Situation is grave.
It demands from us to stay home and be safe.
Not that, this task is so hard,
but few are not in a mood to feel the seriousness of an hour.
Agreed, varied people from varied strata deals with varied problems.
Is it not true that helping hand are reaching out to support them.
It’s a human nature to see one’s suffering as grave,
until it is weighed into the light of other situations same.
What is the situation demands?
To be where you are
and keep a distance for sure.
Are these terms seem to be tough?
Then what do you have to say about Jewish concentration camp?
Here, atleast we are free to eat, meet and greet, but at a distance though.
Those in the camp were treated as they were humans no more.
Wait, there is more to talk about,
Have you all forgotten about WWII?
The time which forced the beings into the war.
A phase which left bitter memories as it’s aftermath.
Both the events shook the nations to the core,
where humanity wasn’t spared and humans were left to sore.
Thanks to the almighty,
the case is not the same this time.
We are with our loved ones and not left to the scums to survive.
Thanks to the almighty,
the case is not the same this time.
Our loved ones are not forcibly taken away just to die.
Next time, if at all  urge to walk out of the home will come.
Please think about the above mentioned events.
Decide yourself,how lucky we all are,
as we are under each others care.
Thing is so simple and plain.