Financial Literacy Lesson No- 6

Income and expenses are the outcomes of one’s assets and liabilities. Vinita. Pal ‘What goes around comes around,’ sounds more like philosophy, right? We all have heard a lot about it in relation to karma like do good to others and good will happen to you. Wait! from where does this philosophical theory crop up?Continue reading “Financial Literacy Lesson No- 6”

Financial literacy lesson no-5

Your assets are your credit score, so acquire more of it. – Vinita. Pal Today I have a story to tell, it’s a story about an aspiring man who was thrilled by the ongoing entrepreneurial vogue and wanted to try his luck and hands in entrepreneurship. He had business ideas and plans in place, whatContinue reading “Financial literacy lesson no-5”

Financial Literacy Lesson no-2

Money keeps losing its value so convert it into assets. – Vinita. Pal Before you start reading this my suggestion to you all, close your eyes, take a deep breath, be still, and allow yourself to drift back to the historic day of 8th November 2016. By now, some of you might be feeling uneasyContinue reading “Financial Literacy Lesson no-2”