It’s with the universe I discover my true self

There is this fragment of the world that I live in.  Trying to comply with its terms and conditions. Sometimes it’s easy Sometimes it’s difficult Sometimes I want to disappear.  It’s suffocating to don several masks just to hide my unconventional self. There’s no choice because this so-called real world – An unpredictable one. AContinue reading “It’s with the universe I discover my true self”


What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love? Aren’t they the most beautiful combination? Cold emotions always destined to meet warmth of love Only to experience the whole new world filled with happiness and love. How am I so sure about this notion? Truth is I would not had it not been forContinue reading “WHEN COLD EMOTION MET WARMTH OF LOVE.”


Hello Mr. Fear, You being an abstract feeling of sort, Can shake the person to the core of the thought. I have seen your every shade in the past. You have the power that longs for last. Yes, I admit, I once got caught into your hold, anxiety, panic, doubts, bouts of hallucinations.(Your highly anticipatedContinue reading “AN EPISTLE TO FEAR”


Darkness hover over the sky, Giving the illusion of, it’s all dull and dry. Sometimes it casts the impression so deep within us. We tend to forget the fact, ‘NOTHING REMAINS PERMANENT.’ Let’s span our vision towards the dark clouds again. Look! What is the sun doing? Unfolding the shady veil. Peeping through the cloudyContinue reading “SUNSHINE.”

Fairy tales – inspired from Cinderella movie-2021

Fairy tales are not confined to a particular mass. Choose the one you like. Transform it in your version¬† and you will wonder, The features get changed so does the language,¬† the style gets changed so does the traditions. What remains the same is the world of love,¬† because it transcends all the barriers andContinue reading “Fairy tales – inspired from Cinderella movie-2021”