Once upon a time…..

Once upon a time, Sea used to sing. Rustling of the leaves used to cheer up the surroundings. Gushing of the breeze was a peck on the cheeks. Soil used to whisper tales of the ages. What a magic of human and nature co-existence!   No more the sea sings as its throat is chokedContinue reading “Once upon a time…..”

Ladakh – A Travel Diary…..

Ladakh, the land at high altitude has beauty to all its extent. From magnificent ancient emerald Indus river To its vibrant peace loving culture. People, places of worship, prayer flags and prayer wheels are epitome of serenity and bliss.   Its huge mountains cradles its people. Nourish them by providing them food, clothing and protection.Continue reading “Ladakh – A Travel Diary…..”

#War is not for you and me

War is blind Doesn’t spare an adult, old and a child. Brutally devour the families, friends and the moments of happy times.   War is hazardous Always seek for destruction Doesn’t value blood, bread and the safety of the nation.   War is merciless. Snatches the upcoming generations’ dreams. Scatters mindlessly every resource and chancesContinue reading “#War is not for you and me”

In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems

I am pleased to present to you all the fruit of my very first venture in the writing arena as a poet. Here presenting, In Appreciation of love and life – Collection of Poems, for me it’s a unique Collection of Poems, unique in a sense all the poems in this collection are based onContinue reading “In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems”