Once upon a time…..

Once upon a time, Sea used to sing. Rustling of the leaves used to cheer up the surroundings. Gushing of the breeze was a peck on the cheeks. Soil used to whisper tales of the ages. What a magic of human and nature co-existence!   No more the sea sings as its throat is chokedContinue reading “Once upon a time…..”

Life happens in Present

Past is dark as it has already been lived. Do not look at it. Future seems dark as it is yet to be lived. Do not struggle to know before you are ready to reach. Present glows with light as it is here an opportunity to prepare for the future which is until now hiddenContinue reading “Life happens in Present”

It’s with the universe I discover my true self

There is this fragment of the world that I live in.  Trying to comply with its terms and conditions. Sometimes it’s easy Sometimes it’s difficult Sometimes I want to disappear.  It’s suffocating to don several masks just to hide my unconventional self. There’s no choice because this so-called real world – An unpredictable one. AContinue reading “It’s with the universe I discover my true self”