On feminism

Hi! Myself FEMINISM talking to thee.

Today, I am here to wipe out the aversion you hold against me.
My inception was the reaction against the disparities in society.
You can’t deny this fact, as the truth has already been told by history.
It was a thing of pride for me,
for I was the tool to bring about equality in society.
With the passing of time, things start to change,
I have been belittled with derogatory remarks filled with rage.
My job was to uplift the women’s status.
Not to incite the other half to be a dominator.
Perhaps, it’s your talent for playing the game, ‘Who’s greater?’
And I am being labeled as a man-hater.
I think you are too intelligent to understand,
for you are not being able to make sense.
It takes both the gender to work hand in hand,
for the peaceful existence of this mortal land.
If you have forgotten, let me remind you,
the existence of both sexes is equally important, that’s a universal truth.
Masculine and feminine traits, are what you are proud of?
I can prove that one’s existence is futile without the other half.
If men are ruled by the head, women are ruled by the heart.
Now imagine a human body eliminating one of these parts.
O! How can I forget this,
even sperm and ovum have to unite to produce babies.
One is overpowering the other, which is a misconception.
The solution to this problem is communication.
If you want to continue with ‘Who is greater? fight,
carry on, as it’s your life.
But keep me away from your strife.
For God’s sake do not include me in your ‘Tom and Jerry’ fight.
Do remember me as an uplifter of oppressed women.
That’s why I am being called as feminist.

Published by VINITA PAL

A person with an ability to capture the essence of the moments and artistically blend it in a poem.

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